Guide to traveling, living and retiring in the Philippines


Guide To Living, Traveling, And Everything You Need To Know About The Philippines!

The Philippines is an excellent place to retire, if only from a view to how you can spread your retirement savings or income or pension from month to month and still live comfortably. Forget wasting away in a retirement home or village, retire to the Philippines and really LIVE! As little as $500 a month can see you living quietly yet comfortably in a rural province. $1000 per month and you can live well in Cebu or Davao and if you have $1500, even the BIG CITY, Manila, will allow you to live in perhaps even a grander style than you did back home! Maids, drivers, cooks, domestic servants are all affordable and part of the culture here and you can hire you own live-in domestic helper from as little as $30 a month!

Philippine Dreams.


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