Sarah G upclose


We all know her as the pop princess who also conquered Philippine box office. But what else do we know about Sarah Geronimo?

For the first time, Sarah reveals a bit more of her inner thoughts in various issues in her recent interview with a local lifestyle magazine.

She revealed in Metro Magazine’s November issue that she wants her first boyfriend to be her husband. The statement means only one thing—she is going to only have one boyfriend.

Maybe this is why she is adamant her decision on what path her love life is going to take in the near future. She said on the said interview she will not date anyone yet and will just imagine about her ideal man.

Many people are waiting for the Popstar to have a boyfriend and many boys are waiting but it looks like they will just fail since she is still forbidden to date or to have a boyfriend. That is why it is a bad news for those who has a crush for young Sarah.

Anyway, Sarah also revealed that she is a super fan of the Twilight series. She is currently reading the last book in the series, “Breaking Dawn”. She also said that she loves the main characters in the novels: Edward, Jacob and Bella.

The newly-crowned concert queen also feels romantic about the rain. She is always happy when it rains. And because of rain, she wanted to go to Forks, Washington, one of the first places in America featured on “Twilight”. She wants to go there to camp, an activity she missed during her childhood.

Sarah is currently on “The Next One Global Tour” after her jampacked “Record Breaker” concert in Araneta Coliseum. The pop princess will be performing in London, Norway, England, Geneva, Sweden, with each venue expected to be well-attended by fans.

Before Sarah left, she first released her Christmas album, “Your Christmas Girl”. Included in the album are the classic Christmas songs along with the original song and the carrier single “Your Christmas Girl”.


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