US to take action against countries who refuse to take back illegal immigrants


WASHINGTON, March 1 (PNA/Sputnik) — Washington will exert pressure on those countries which refuse to take back illegal immigrants from the United States.

The United States will use its authority to ensure other nations take back illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in the United States, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at the National Association of Attorneys General meeting in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

“Some of these countries that are refusing to take them back. We have the ability, and the power, and the legal requirement to confront them and take action against them if they don’t take them back,” Sessions stated.

Sessions said the United States is currently holding immigrants who committed crimes in the United States because their home countries will not allow them to return.

A pair of Homeland Security Department memorandums released last week called for the federal government to immediately reinstate the Secure Communities information-sharing program, which uses local and state police resources to help immigration authorities identify and deport immigrants with criminal records.


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