Get ready for a night of Pinoy laugh trip!

Kaloka Like in Melbourne

Filipinos in Melbourne and beyond, rejoice! And laugh out loud, while you’re at it. EMG Cargo, LK Travel, and Ria’s Cuisine are proud to present a Comedy Show and Dance Night that brings you some of the Philippines’ best stand-up comedians and celebrity impersonators!

Save the 20th of July, 7 pm for “Kaloka-Like”, featuring three famous faces on this side of the Pacific to be held at the Polish Syrena Community Hall.

Joel Amper, AKA Big Mouth (“BM”)

Shooting to Internet stardom back in 2010 after auditioning for Pilipinas Got Talent, Big Mouth got a unanimous “YES” from all judges after his jaw-dropping and side-splitting rendition of “Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo”. He also gets the same from everyone who watches his performances. 

Vocally gifted and with a knack for spot-on jokes, BM owns the stage — though you probably won’t notice it as you hold onto your sides the whole time. Get ready for a night full of impressions as Big Mouth does a comedic incorporating, among other things, sounds from the animal kingdom! Have you ever seen a person neighing perfectly like a real horse? Santong Kabayo, indeed.

The 46-year old comedian got his unusual screen name when a friend kept shouting “Big Mouth! Big Mouth!” during a performance. The name stuck and followed him as he went up the rungs of the industry ladder.

It was not all laughter, though, as BM had been exposed to a variety of occupations since he turned breadwinner at the age of 18. He juggled studies and a stint as a waiter, while also moonlighting as help for his aunt’s parlour. It’s here where he originally discovered his stand-up routine genius. The parlour had a videoke, and his exposure to the mic set him on the comedy track.

Today, BM’s unique vocal abilities have differentiated him from a world crowded with make-up and costumes. It has also launched him to other shores, like Australia, bringing his mission of relentless laughter to Pinoy audiences abroad. He’s so recognised in fact, that many fans are clamouring for the ultimate equine showdown — BM vs Vice Ganda! Back at home, BM is a regular performer at Zirkoh and Klownz in Quezon City.

Christopher Samson, AKA Coco Martin

No one can deny that Coco Martin is one of the hottest things on Philippine TV right now, and his boyish good looks is, of course, his greatest asset. But he’s not alone in that — no sir, Christopher proves that God is indeed fair and he didn’t dump all the good looks on just one man. Or maybe He did, but this singer and impersonator is a close second with wits to match. If you’re ever thinking what Cardo Dalisay would have been like had he given up the gun for the open mic, this is the answer.

Like many before him (and many more after), Christopher got his break on “It’s Showtime”. Before this, he applied his good looks and build to another competition, Eat Bulaga’s Gym-eoke” (where he sang while lifting weights!). The 25-year-old has an asset that many other contenders did not have — he was trained as a choir member, and has a solid musical know-how. Oh, and of course, he looks like one of the biggest heartthrobs in the country today.

His guestings and mall shows immediately after his hit Showtime appearance trained him as a showman, further rounding him up as a performer. Juggling business and his career (he owns a fitness gym in Bulacan), he is ever the family man and seeks nothing more than to give them a better life.

All the more reason to root for this man who seems to have everything except Coco’s top rating TV show.

JP Mendoza, AKA April Boy

Which Filipino born in the ’90s or before wouldn’t remember April Boy — the guitar-strumming, love song-crooning, lyric-acting, cap-throwing master of the airwaves at the time? While his prime has already passed, his influence certainly hasn’t died yet. And even today, we’re still familiar with his songs. 

Enter JP, who you’d think was the original except April Boy doesn’t crack jokes this way. Enjoy the classic April Boy performances with plenty of comic twists! Cap-throwing not guaranteed, but feel free to catch it if it comes your way.

JP started singing at the age of 10, but he truly got his break when he pushed towards Metro Manila to audition for the original Kalook-A-Like Singing Contest. He didn’t do it on the fly — he had to carefully study April Boy’s way of singing along with his iconic movements, and he also has to grow his hair to match. His success in this character study catapulted him to regular appearances in a circuit of bars and restos around Metro Manila, while also scoring him out-of-town gigs as front acts for famous talents. To Filipinos elsewhere, He is also a regular of the “My Countrymen, My Brethren” Charity Show of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

These three performers have worked with each other in various performances before, along with other impersonators and such big names as Jay-R, Rivermaya, Ynez Veneracion, and many more. Being lined up with both singers and fellow comedy performers, these three are sure to give an all-new twist to the night entertainment you’re used to.

Food and drinks will be available, courtesy of Ria’s Cuisine, one of the best Filipino restaurants in Victoria. Strictly no bringing of outside food, or you’ll be ruining the Filipino feast! The dance floor will be open later on, so wear something snazzy and comfortable. This is your classic Pinoy “pagabihan” and “papawisan”, brought to these shores with a heavy dose of local fun!

You can get your tickets for this triple-treat comedy and dance night for only $45.

For details, please contact Obeth on 0412-052-488, Lulu on 0431-541-137 or Ria on 0431-087-528.


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