Jim Paredes receives flak over clash with Duterte supporters


A confrontation between Jim Paredes and youth supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte went viral after a video captured by Jamela Alindogan-Caudron went live on Facebook.

The scuffle between #EDSA31 organizers and #Duterteyouth members happened Saturday at the People Power Monument, EDSA Shrine on the 31st anniversary of the 1986 People Power Revolution.

Watch the original video that went trending on social media —

Scuffle between #EDSA31 organizers and #Duterteyouth members

Posted by Jamela Aisha Alindogan on Saturday, 25 February 2017

Reactions from netizens

The verbal wrestle between Paredes and the Duterte Youth drew mixed reactions from netizens.

Here are just a few of those reactions:

Nestor Manuel · 2:12 They are inviting troubles by being there to oppose the EDSA rallies. They are morons. They are not asking for their rights they are basically looking for troubles.

Ryan Fredeluces · 0:00 Salute to these Duterte supporters… They showed more class than these “disente” yellows, who kept provoking them.
You are the one deluded Jim Paredes. No class at all (puro yabang at hangin lang).

Chie Mejia · 3:24 Jim you are saying Filipino tayo then a congenial talk with Duterte is the most human, professional and sensible thing to do. I was once like those kids… Cool ka Lang. Don ‘t get “pikon”. That won’t do any good for the country.

Jesse Palomado · 0:00 These stupid young guys have no idea what we all fought for during the 1st EDSA Revolution! They clearly have no grasp as to what happened during that time. They care about what’s the now and have no respect as to what we marched for in EDSA 31 years ago! If these young ones are the future of this country then we are all fucked!

Glaiza Garcia · 0:00 Jim Paredes, thank you for validating and bolstering my decision to support the President all the more. With that kind of attitude, you won’t really win more people over to fight for your advocacies. How decent, indeed for a senior citizen to look down on the youth.


Araial Ilustre · 2:14 Kalokohan… kung di ba naman kayo sira ulo mga Dutertards bakit kasi nagpunta pa kayo sa edsa alam nyo namang ang lugar na yan ay simbolo para sa mga Filipinong lumaban sa diktadurya at korapsyon. Naghahanap ba kayo ng gulo? Andaming ibang lugar na pwedeng pagrally han. Isip isip din naman.



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