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Alba Iulia
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Deanna Tamayan

Boracay – Paradise Lost

The Philippine Tourism was proud to have launched their “Bring Home a Friend” campaign in Sydney last November. Tourism Attaché to Sydney, Norjamin de los Reyes even boasted at a Filipino community meeting in March this year, “According to...

Are fiestas fizzling out?

By Deanna Tamayan In the Philippines, fiestas are attached to a religious celebration which usually coincides with the feast of the patron saint of the province or barrio. This is usually followed by a religious ritual of some kind, to...

Common grounds between Trump and Duterte

By Deanna Tamayan When Nixon’s Watergate scandal exploded on the world scene, it seemed that he was the odd one out. When Marcos declared Martial Law, he was the odd one. But then, in those days, it was easy to...
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AFCS serving the vulnerable during Melbourne lockdown

By Maria Smith Covid-19 has never really left us, only coming back in more alarming variants. Whatever name it assumes,...
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