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Alba Iulia
Saturday, June 19, 2021

Joel Reyes

Bushfire insurance: What you need to know

The Bushfires which have raged to a large portion of Australia’s landscape was an unprecedented event. 12 million acres (five million hectares) have been destroyed. To put it into perspective, that’s twice the size of Wales, and larger than...

What to look out for when purchasing car insurance

BWhen purchasing car insurance, it’s usually purchased out of a necessity rather than any other reasons. Buying motor insurance for a new car, a second-hand car or just looking for another option, there is one main reason we all...

Keeping our homes safe for the holidays

The Holiday season, especially around the Christmas period, is one of the best times of the year. The children are on school holidays or university break. The company you work for or your business may decide to close for...
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FiND Network Announces New Advisory Board

Sydney, Australia — The Filipino Nursing Diaspora (FiND) Network announced the introduction of a new advisory board. These five...
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