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Alba Iulia
Saturday, August 8, 2020

Lorna Ramirez

Mother Dearest

MOTHER’S LOVE Giving without expecting in returnLoving with all thy heart no matter whatUnderstanding when others fail to understandSupporting in times of sorrow and griefAnd most of allAlways...

For the love of God

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing” - Luke 23:34.  “Today you will be with me in paradise”, Luke 23:43.  These were the first and second last...

Love hurts

“You always hurt the one you love, the one you should not hurt at all”. This is the opening of the song Hurt, a song popularised by Timi Yuro, a soul singer of the 60s era. 

The very essence of Christmas: love, forgiveness, humility

I believe that the true essence of Christmas is love, forgiveness, and humility. Jesus exemplified all these virtues. He was born in a manger, an epitome and manifestation of humility. He died on the cross to redeem...

Back to life once again

The sight of the morning fogs slowly diminishing and being greeted with a warm sunshine coming from my bedroom windowsill made me realise that spring is here again. Spring is my favourite season...

Daddy’s girl

What does it mean to be a daddy’s girl?  Being a daddy’s girl could be someone who forms a stronger bond with her father than her mother. There are some positive connotations of...

Is it fate or destiny?

Did you ever question yourself on a phenomenon or a significant event that happened in your life? Did you wonder if it is fate or destiny? These two words, fate and destiny are often...

Winter season of our lives

There will always be a winter season in our lives regardless of who you are, and no one can be spared. Just like cold and dreary season of Winter, there are times in our...

The most beautiful face on earth

A little boy was crying, looking for his mother. A stranger came and asked the little boy: “Where is your mum and can you describe what she looks like?” ”My mum has the most...

Perfect imperfection

TO AIM FOR PERFECTION IS IMPERFECTION. What is imperfection? It is a fault, flaw, a disfigurement, distorted, and the descriptive list goes on and on. Imperfection will always be abhorred by many.
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Latest News

A doctor’s plea in the fight against COVID-19 in Melbourne

By Dr Michelle Natividad Bautista, MBBS, Honours, FANZCA Victoria is in a state of...
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Victorian premier orders shutdown of workplaces in Melbourne to stop coronavirus spread

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews revealed today the industries that will be shut down following his declaration of stage 4 restriction in Melbourne...

Victoria now under state of disaster, curfew declared

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that a state of disaster in Victoria will come into place from 6:00 pm tonight.

Build and protect your credit standing

Robert Kiyosaki likes to say that the quickest way to create wealth is to use other people’s money. The problem, of course,...

PAL offering limited special flights between Australia and the Philippines in August

Philippine Airlines has announced a limited number of direct flights in the month of August between Manila and Sydney: