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Alba Iulia
Monday, March 1, 2021

Raine Cabral Laysico

Our Dad, a Hero

Have you ever jumped off a plane without a parachute?  Where your heart is in your throat? Your heartbeat ringing in your ears?  That’s what it felt like when our Dad passed away. Life became an unending free fall. Imagine being on...

How I met the love of my life

When I was younger, I didn’t have a mental picture of who I wanted to be my boyfriend. I was too busy exploring the world and testing the boundaries of what I can achieve. I was always driven and...

Lessons from my Mother

Growing up, we had a firm but loving mum. She was very hands on. She knew all our assignments. She’d outline all our lessons. She made sure we had healthy meals and ran our household like clockwork. TV was...

Lessons my Dad taught me

There is a vast difference between what is equal and what is equitable. Imagine this, a toddler, a person in a wheelchair and an athlete were all trying to see over a tall fence. Both the toddler and the wheelchair-bound person...
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Falling in and out of love in Australia: Philippine law on foreign marriage, divorce and annulment

Filipinos are citizens of the world, and they figure in all sorts of complex situations with foreign elements. One...
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