Security for Noynoy’s girlfriend


Should Ms. Shalani Soledad enjoy ample protection a future first lady deserves? The papers have reported that Sen. Noynoy Aquino, her boyfriend, has received tighter security as he faces official proclamation to become the next Philippine president.

His personal security has advised him to keep a low profile until June 30. On Thursday, Noynoy did not appear before the media.

Some well-meaning citizens have suggested that Councilor Soledad of Valenzuela City deserves a watchful eye. She could be the next first lady, a tremendous resource in the presidential palace and an advocate for national causes we badly need.

She topped the council race in her city last week. Pretty and intelligent, she could become the youngest and most socially active first lady Filipinos would be proud to have.

It’s surprising that the news stories do not mention the Presidential Security Group (PSG), the service that provides a shield to the Filipino president and the first family. Sen. Aquino, as the presidential frontrunner and looming as the next commander in chief, is entitled to PSG armor.

The PSG, under different names, has served every Filipino president from Emilio Aguinaldo to Gloria Arroyo.
The unit has evolved under various names, with basically the same function, but under numerous guises.

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