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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Should I buy from Dominique Grubisa?

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It’s not often that ordinary people are given the opportunity to tap into niche legal knowledge from someone and learn from their experience When it comes to the law, those specialising in its inner workings are usually elite insiders who safely guard their secrets. Advice can be given but it comes at a price, and even then, only case by case and on a “need to know” basis.

In fact, the law is probably one of the only remaining professions where the client isn’t always right and in fact, where the client comes in a distant last after a lawyer’s obligation to the Court, followed closely by their duty to their colleagues in the legal fraternity and then their own self-interest.

That’s why it’s so rare to meet someone like Dominique Grubisa. A practicing lawyer for the last twenty-seven years, who not only shares so freely her vast legal knowledge to empower people with what was previously off-limits, reserved for and only to be utilised by the privileged few. Dominique Grubisa says that her “mission or higher purpose is that there should be no barriers to access when it comes to knowledge and the ability for each of us to control our outcomes in life”. True to this mission statement, Dominique has not only talked the talk but also walked the walk by honouring a commitment to set all her knowledge out for all to see and use. From the systems she uses and the professionals in her team, she’s thought of it all.

Dominique Grubisa – Courses

Dominique Grubisa offers courses to assist and educate property entrepreneurs with the know-how to help find undervalued properties along with all the necessary knowledge to undertake small property developments. She also assists business owners and those wanting to buy a business to scale and grow through acquisitions often with little to know money required.

  • Dominique Grubisa’s Courses Include:
  • Real Estate Rescue
  • Property Development Program
  • Business Turnaround Program
  • Elite Mentoring

Dominique Grubisa – Online Programs

Dominique also shares her knowledge gained in the world of property investment and development over the last twenty five years and in business as the founder and CEO of the DG Institute since 2009. What is particularly impressive are her soft skills, which are so easy to understand and relate to which she shares so well through her various online programs including:

  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Decisionship
  • Debt Control Mastery
  • Goal Setting
  • Mental Toughness
  • Wealth Creation Mastery

Dominique Grubisa – Team

The unique structure that Dominique has created at the DG Institute means that anyone wanting to tap into all the necessary business advisory services essential for success, can do so because of her “one-stop-shop” approach. You’ve got everyone from mortgage brokers for residential and commercial lending through to transactional and advisory accountants, from conveyancing and commercial lawyers through to debt negotiators and property professionals. It’s all there! No need to shop around.

They say that success has many fathers whilst failure is an orphan – but no-one really ever achieves and continues being successful on their own. What Dominique has created is not just a one stop shop of professional advisors which provide support and advice for her clients, all rowing in the same direction with the client’s best interests at heart, but additionally the power of a like-minded community of people seeking the same goals and outcomes in property and business. This is where the magic happens for Dominique Grubisa’s clients, not in her knowledge which she so freely shares but in the legacy of the supportive community and network she has built. 

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