Is Willie Revillame leaving Wowowee?


In his column, Ricky Lo’s article published in the Philippine Star entitled “Willie: Please release me” stated that Willie Revillame has decided to leave ABS-CBN. Read Lo’s column below.

FUNFARE UPDATE By Ricardo F. Lo (The Philippine Star)

Willie Revillame: Where to from here?
When Willie Revillame started hosting Wowowee in Feb. 2005, his heart was light and easy, eager to please and entertain especially the marginalized sector of Philippine society. It was a heart that truly and sincerely cares for the masa with whom Willie can easily identify because he, too, experienced how it was to miss meals and sleep on the hard floor of a cramped rented room, with a dilapidated electric fan that produced more creak than cool air.

Full article at Philstar website


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