Would a Noynoy Aquino presidency be a golden era or missed opportunity?


PT received an email from a “Filipino-American dual citizen” that contains the following:


Fiery anti-Marcos emotions set forces into motion that catapulted Cory to power.

As a housewife, she came with no credentials, experience or notion of what governing a country in transition entailed.

But what she offered– honesty — the country accepted.

The passing of Cory unleashed endearment for her family members, especially Noynoy, who was under constant media floodlights during the wake and funeral.

Noynoy is a mirror image of his mother, offering honesty as his badge.

Drawing on the prognosis of Noynoy’s supporters, let there be soul-searching covering 11 key questions about Cory’s tenure:

1.      Did Cory succeed in bringing unquestioned honesty to government?

2.      Did she check the unbridled financial indiscretions of her kin?

3.      Did she introduce a transformation of national values and ethical behavior in public life?

4.      Did she eradicate poverty?

5.      Did she have a strategy, policy framework and programs for rapidly growing the economy to join the “Asian Tigers” and other dynamic members of the community of nations?

6.      Did she exercise Presidential power to redress the misery of the dispossessed Hacienda Luisita farmers and, after leaving office, help bring justice for the massacred victims?

7.      Did she have a coherent program to address the social problems of migrant workers and their families?

8.      Did she have effective executive control over government, in general, and the military, in particular?

9.      Did she take notable steps to establish the preeminence of the Rule of Law?

10.  Did she neutralize private armed groups and prevent them from carrying out lawless activities?

11.  Did she have a notable and lasting impact on the nation other than being an instrument for ousting a dictator?

Does Noynoy have the capacity to prevail where questions about Cory’s legacy linger?

If Noynoy’s sole offering is the virtue of honesty, is there any assurance that history will not repeat itself?

Will the country experience a golden era or have a rerun of the Cory Presidency?

These are definitely compelling questions.  Did the Filipino people really expected a plain housewife with no experience in politics to create a miracle of solving the ills of the country that the deposed dictator she replaced had produced over his 20-year rule? Regaining the democratic processes and the nation’s pride that Cory managed to do were good enough for many.

Perhaps, the same set of questions should be asked as to whether the Ramos, Estrada and Macapagal-Arroyo administrations manage to do what Cory Aquino failed to do?

In fact, corruption and transactional politics has gotten worse under the present administration. More than anything, what the country needs is a president with good moral character, one who is honest, and transparent.  And that may just be what a Noynoy Aquino administration might bring.
But some say that Noynoy Aquino lacks experience. When he was a congressman and even as senator, Aquino’s performance was rather lackluster.  However, right now, what the country needs is an inspirational president just like Cory Aquino. Would the son be the answer? You decide. There are eight other presidential candidates to be chosen from.  Make an informed and wise decision.


  1. Pilipino voters prefer presidential candidates who are professionals with political experience, popular, rich and can speak fluent English.

    Where the past presidents with the above credentials able to make our country great which means reduce corruption and personal enrichment. They belittled Joseph Estrada who can’t speak good English and yet most of them speaks Taglish anyway as I see it in TV and also Fernando Poe who they is just an actor. Now it is Nonoy’s turn. Why don’t we try Nonoy. He might be the answer to make our country great again. I see him as a good and honest man.

  2. We Pilipinos never learned a lesson. Look at the credentials and experience of Noynoy. Can you honestly say to your face in the mirror that he can do the job that other presidents including his mother, was not able to do? Crazy, crazy, crazy. (From the words of Cardinal Rosales.) Again it was media who made him run, capitalizing from the death of a person, his mother. He has never moved on from the murder of Ninoy. He still has a vengeance in his heart. His only platform is eradicate the corrupt, so he will erase the entire bureaucracy. HOw can he do that. That is just a cover. His plan is to get back again to the Marcoses, not GMA. To Imelda. He wants to continue the legacy of Cory, vengeance to whoever killed Ninoy. Let us not be fanatics. Yellow days are over, let us moved forward. See the pattern. Discern. If God wants another six years of sacrifice (as in the Cory Adm) and restlessness to wake up the Pilipinos so be it. God please help us.


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