Caesar Sario had a solo exhibition titled “No where, Now here” on 27 January to 9 February at the Brunswick Street Gallery.



THINK: Where would man be without plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, vertebrates and invertebrates?

THE INTELLECTUAL: For generations, man who is considered to possess the highest intellect of all creations, has surpassed himself with his modern inventions, sending humans to the moon, capturing continents, made unparalleled medical discoveries medical to cure diseases that could have otherwise wiped out an entire nation, or worse affect the whole human race. Mankind has revelled in the glory of its feats, the development of the digital age, the global power of politics, sending man to the moon, even trying to conquer the solar system, communications and travel has never been so modern than we could have imagined.

LAGGING IN UNDERSTANDING AND ACTION: Yet, there seems to be one aspect of this Earth that man seems to lag behind in understanding, or chose to close its eyes in the plight of our environment. An environment that is not only the humankind’s place it calls it own, but also an environment that nurtures other living creatures that co-exist with us in their natural habitat. It is these living creatures, that quietly provides the balance of evolution that the Earth needs, that we as human beings depend on.

NOWHERE: Man in its quest for the modern age, its thirst for commerce and progress has knowingly destroyed the very haven of these creatures to the point that they have nowhere to run to, not a place as a refuge, as a safe place to continue living in the wild – NOWHERE. Man gives lips-service to this situation which is not the answer in solving one of the man-made problems affecting the environment which is causingcatastrophic destruction of the wildlife, in their natural world.

NOWHERE have we seen an honest sincere plan that is put to use to help conserve and preserve our environment. For the endangered species, mankind is both their greatest enemy and their only hope.

And after they are gone, there will be silence, and there will be empty places, and nothing man can do will bring back the wiped out species, nor replace and revive the damaged environment.

We must start to show a genuine respect for the extraordinary system which makes the environment what it is – a tangle of interactions where every type of life has a place, a function and an effect.

WHERE TO, NOW?: NOW let us change NOWHERE to WHERE can we run to and start planning in earnest and work out the plan to prevent an otherwise catastrophic destruction of the wildlife, in their natural world which is gradually happening worldwide. Let’s start NOW!


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