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Queer Life

Pinoy nurse steps up to lead pride organisation in Western Australia

By Troy Gregory Marsden Leading a Filipino organisation is one thing. But leading a Pride organisation that comprises different backgrounds and people that are coming...

Being a Queer Christian in the Philippines

By Mherhean Giray, RMIT Journalism student This year, the annual Metro Manila Pride March which was due to be held on June 27 was cancelled...

Lofty ambitions

By Ryan Perdio I’ve always imagined that by the time I reach my 30s that I’d be living in a crystal palace amongst the clouds...


By Ryan Perdio I attended a birthday party. Selena turned 21. At first her colleague, I became her friend. And not long after, I was...

Lapped it up

By Ryan Perdio It would have been funny if it weren’t so ludicrous. Derek and I met up for lunch at a quaint little cafe located...


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