About Us

Philtimes.com.au is Australia’s online Filipino newsmagazine.

The first test site of the Philippine Times started in 1998. A few months later, philtime.com came about. In 2001, the website was renamed as philippinetimes.com.au. A major site upgrade was implemented in August 2005 under the current domain, philtimes.com.au. Major design upgrades were implemented in 2010 and March 2013. The latest design upgrade was performed in August 2016.

Philtimes.com.au is an offshoot of The Philippine Times, Australia’s longest-serving Filipino newspaper established in 1990.

The Philippine Times is a monthly print publication established by Filcom Publishing Pty Ltd.

In 2011, Filcom Publishing decided to split the operation of the print and online editions. It retained the management of its online edition. The print edition is now managed by Finemarks Australia Pty Ltd.

Apart from separate legal structural and administrative responsibilities of Filcom Publishing and Finemarks Australia, both organisations continue to collaborate by sharing resources and contents in making sure that Philtimes.com.au and The Philippine Times (print) continue to be represented as a single media organisation.