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Sunday , 26 September 2021
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Club Talk

APBC pledges support for Australian BPOs transitioning to long-term remote work

The Australia Philippine Business Council (APBC) stands ready to support Australian business process outsourcing (BPO) firms in Manila embrace long-term remote working strategies. “APBC’s business...

Lockdown’s got you down?

The cycle of and lockdowns we are living in, day in and day out has certainly weighed down on the mental and emotional wellbeing...

Senior citizens group PASSCI celebrates 36th anniversary

The Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc  (PASSCI), the first Filipino Seniors Group to be incorporated in Australia is celebrating its 36th anniversary online today....

Dance Up! Australia wraps up Filipino dance classes paving way for other cultural groups

On 28 June, the Arthur Wren Hallam Community Centre witnessed another exciting day from the Australian-Filipino Community Services (AFCS) participants and volunteers as they...

UFEA offers emergency food relief for seniors in City of Kingston

By Barbara Price Unified Filipino Elderly Association, Inc (UFEA) have embarked on a COVID Emergency Food response to the community in the City of Kingston...

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