Banned and restricted items

The following items are not allowed to be transacted on – Classifieds. You may only sell items in your possession that you are legally entitled to sell. 

Banned Items

Below is a list of items which you are not allowed to sell on Philtimes Classifieds.

  • CCTV footage
  • Copyright and other intellectual property rights
  • Courier tickets
  • Digital media
  • Event tickets
  • Fireworks
  • Flights (Travel agents can advertiser their service but flight sales need to be sold on their particular sites)
  • Frequent flyer points
  • Gang paraphernalia/memorabilia
  • Human bodies or body parts
  • Lottery and raffle tickets unless with prior permission from Filcom Publishing Pty Ltd in writing
  • Magnetic and smart card readers
  • Menacing dogs
  • Offensive memorabilia and propaganda
  • Offensive weapons
  • Recreational drugs
  • Software that interfaces with the website
  • Spray paint cans
  • Tobacco
  • Uniforms for Australian emergency services
  • VCDs
  • Veterinary medicines

Restricted Items

Below is a list of items that you can sell but are restricted to

  • Alcohol (Unless it’s a collector’s item or an antique, reserves the right to remove such listing)
  • Medical Devices
  • Movies and games
  • Protected Australian objects

Note: This list of banned and restricted items is not exhaustive, and is intended only as a guide. reserves the right to determine what items are or are not allowed to be listed on our site at any time.  We may remove items that are not listed below if we decide that they are offensive, in breach of our terms and conditions, or are in any other way a risk that we’re not prepared to take.  This list is subject to change without notice.

At all times if you choose to advertise with Philtimes Classifieds you accept our terms and conditions

Adult items

Adult rated items (magazines, DVDs, etc.) must be listed in the appropriate adult category. Adult novelty and erotic clothing must be listed in the Novelty & adult category. We haven’t put one up yet.

You may not use offensive or explicit language or descriptions. Photos, where permitted, should be of the item only. Use of props or accessories is not permitted. will remove any image it deems offensive.


The sale of liquor to the public or any member of the public requires a license to sell Liquor. Unless you hold the appropriate license to sell Liquor and you must be registered with Otherwise, you may not list alcohol of any nature on the site.  

Bike helmets or Safety Helmets

You may only list any type of helmet that is certified to a standard approved by the Australian Safety Standards. Your helmet should have a sticker inside it stating that it complies with the Australian Safety Standards

Businesses for sale

All businesses listed on must be sold as a going concern.  

You cannot sell or promote new franchises or opportunities without permission in writing from Filcom Publishing Pty Ltd.

CCTV footage for sale

To ensure compliance with the Privacy Act, you may not list CCTV footage on Philtimes Classifieds.

Child restraints

Child restraints must meet approved standards and be less than 10 years old. Child restraints certified for use in Australia will show a ‘Tick’  mark  (Australian Standard AS 1754), or an ‘E’ mark (European Standard ECE 44).

Copyright and other intellectual property rights

You must not list any item which infringes anyone else’s copyright or other intellectual property rights. As a seller, it is your 100% responsibility to ensure the items you list and the content of your listing are not in breach of any intellectual property rights 

Digital media

You may not list digital media (such as photos, software programs, audio files including music, or digital videos) on Philtimes Classifiedsunless expressly allowed in the list below.  

You may only list genuine software installation keys (or similar) that have been legitimately acquired and that you have the right to sell. 

Listing the following items are permitted


You may sell e-books but only where the content of the eBook is entirely your own original work for which you are the sole copyright holder.  

You may not list others’ work, or adaptations or collections of others’ work, only if you have distribution or other rights to do so.  

Software programs

You may sell software programs or apps where the software being listed is stored on the original discs or where the software is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software listed together with a computer for which it is licensed.

Electrical items

All electrical items listed must be safe. Some items require a supplier declaration of compliance before they can be sold; other items considered higher risk also require safety approval or certification.


All food listed on the site must be produced in registered premises or under an approved food safety program or registered risk management program.

It must also comply with food labelling and standards requirements.

Visit the Australian Food Safety Authority website for further information or contact your local council.

Gang paraphernalia/memorabilia

You may not list gang-related paraphernalia or memorabilia on the site. Philtimes Classifieds reserves the right to determine (in our sole discretion) what is considered to be gang-related.

Items subject to product safety standards

The following items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them on the site:

  • Baby walkers
  • Children’s nightwear
  • Children’s toys
  • Cots
  • Pedal bicycles

To read more about product safety standards click this link.

Lottery and raffle tickets

You may not list lottery or raffle tickets for sale. Unless prior permission is obtained from Ability Classifieds in writing

Medical Devices

If listing a medical device (excluding first aid kits) you must state in the listing “Consult a medical professional first and follow the instructions.” Medical devices include but aren’t limited to insulin pumps, infusion pumps, enteral feeding devices, CPAP machines, ventilators and apnoea alarms.

Movies and Games

You may only list classifiable movies and games for sale if they carry the correct Australia classification sticker.

When listing such items, you must include the Australia classification rating and all information on the classification label.

Needles and Syringes

Only approved professionals such as Pharmacists may sell needles or syringes.         

Unless you are approved under the regulations you may not list needles or syringes on the site.

Offensive memorabilia and propaganda 

You may not list items that promote or glorify racial, sexual, religious or other intolerance, hatred or violence, or that promote organizations with such views.  

We reserve absolute discretion as to whether we permit or prohibit listings of this type.

Offensive weapons

You may not list weapons intended for attack purposes, including (without limitation):

Any weapon, the possession of which would constitute a criminal offense under current Australia legislation.

Philtimes Classifiedsreserves the right to remove any listing which it deems to be for an offensive weapon.

Recreational drugs

You may not list recreational drugs (herbal or chemical) or related equipment on the site.

This includes such items as dance pills and NOS canisters and items used in the cultivation of cannabis.  Designer drugs.

Software that interfaces with the Philtimes Classifieds website

You may not list software that technically interfaces with the Philtimes Classifieds website.  

This includes but is not limited to things such as auto-relisters.


You may not list tobacco on Ability The advertisement and sale of tobacco-based products are banned.

Underwear or undergarments

Used or second-hand underwear may be sold on the site. However, it must be washed thoroughly.

Uniforms for Australian Emergency services

You may not list uniforms or accessories for Australian 000 Emergency services. This includes police, fire and ambulance uniforms. 

VCDs and CD’s

You may not list VCD or CD’s for sale on the site unless you own the rights or have express permission from the intellectual property owner in writing.

Veterinary medicines

You cannot list Prescription Animal Remedies (PAR) or veterinary only medicines.

Wholesale lists

You may not list wholesale lists or place listings that are used to solely promote the purchase of items through other channels.

If you are unsure of whether or not you are allowed to list an item please  Contact Us.

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