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Multimedia Specialists’ visa pathways

Multimedia Specialists are highly sought after in Australia especially during this pandemic. Face-to-face classes were replaced by online classes due to the numerous lockdowns...

Glory at Christmas time

Time can be defined as a noun or a verb. I do not have the time and space to unpack its definitions. I know...

Pastry chef Tan wins Aussie palates and Pinoy hearts alike

Having been fascinated with cake decorations, edible art pieces, and handmade flowers at a young age, 42-year old Filipino-Australian pastry chef Timothy Ancheta Tan...

Entering Australia on a temporary visa

The news about Australia’s international borders opening in November 2021 brings relief to families who have long been separated due to the pandemic. It...

Discovering the secret place featuring Maina Walkley

  Maina Marquez Walkley's father was a Certified Public Accountant with a shipping company in the Philippines when he married her mother, the love of...

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