Concerned Members of Fiesta file court case


The Concerned Members of the Philippine Fiesta Inc. filed a Statement of Complaint on 17 March 2014 at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court against the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria, Inc. (PFVI) and eleven members of its current Management Committee. The Concerned Members, being the Plaintiffs, are represented by Access Law.

The court action, according to Ms Maina Walkley, was triggered by the action of the Management Committee to expel and ban them from membership of PFVI for five years and seven years for others.

Ms Walkley stated that the Concerned Members had been open with the Filipino community of their concerns with the management of the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria, Inc. Now that they have shown their seriousness about resolving these matters, they are asking the Filipino community to be visible in their support of their cause.

Concerned Members’ Fundraising night
A Dinner Dance Fund Raising Night is scheduled on Saturday, 17 May at the Whitehorse Club, 298-336 Burwood Highway, East Burwood. This is the opportunity, she said, to renew, re-unite and reminisce the old times of the Philippine Fiesta. She especially welcomes former Beauty Quest participants, parents and supporters and former committee members who built Philippine Fiesta and acquired the property with their blood, sweat, tears and money. “Help us re-build the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria for all Filipinos, one we can all be proud of,” she said.

No further comment from PFVI
Meanwhile, The Philippine Times, had an email interview with Ross Manuel, the current Philippine Fiesta Chairperson, and he declined to give comments about the case filed against them. “As per our lawyer’s instruction, it is improper to publicly respond or comment on a case already filed before the court. It is on the advice of our lawyer, inappropriate and wrong under these circumstances to reply in any public comment in relation to this matter,” his response to PT’s email.

concerned members

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