By Lorna Ramirez

Retirement is the most crucial stage in our lives. It is dreaded by some, while others look forward to it. Are you well equipped and prepared for this?

There are people who are planning for their retirement in five years or even ten years time, but sometimes it does not matter how prepared you are. There are some unforeseen circumstances that are beyond your control, such as health issues and death. One has to be flexible when these tragic events occur.

Readjustment is one of the key issues taken into consideration when retiring. Suddenly you are with your partner 24/7 hence, it can be quite a shock to both of you. Unfortunately as a result of this, some couples divorce during this time. This is the time for reassessing, compromising, reconnecting with each other. I truly believe that if both people are still in love with each other, this issue will be easily resolved.

Yes, it’s true financial freedom helps in retirement. However, there are quite a lot of people who were not fortunate enough to amass wealth upon retirement. Do not despair, as long as you have your health, loving and caring families and friends, and you are at peace with yourself and God, happiness is achievable. These are things money cannot buy.

We are fortunate here in Australia that there are many organisations that help the elderly and retirees. They have monthly events, programs, and entertainment. There are lots of ways to enjoy retirement such as socialising with friends and joining organisations that you have interest in. This is the time to explore your hidden talents, for example learning new hobbies such as painting, photography, volunteering work, writing, and for those who can afford it travelling overseas or visiting beautiful places in Australia.

When I retired seventeen years ago, I had the privilege to look after my grandchildren. It was the most exhilarating experience in my whole life. I also found my passion for writing and music. To date, I have published two books and I currently have a third book, a novel, underway. I have returned to studying intermediate piano and have joined several organisations, started to socialise with friends that I have not otherwise seen in decades!

So, who said that retiring is boring? Definitely not me!

An excerpt from ‘My Innermost Thoughts’

I was often asked these questions
Are you bored retired?
How do you fill up your time?
I just smile
Because I know within
I’m enjoying every minute being retired.
How can you be bored
sharing every moment with your loved ones?
How can you be bored
exploring, and re-inventing yourself?
How can you be bored
doing the things you’re passionate about?
Absolutely my colourful life begins
During my retirement

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Lorna Ramirez
Lorna Ramirez was born, raised and educated in Manila in the Philippines, attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering and working as a laboratory manager in a textiles company. In 1977, with her husband and her son and daughter she migrated to Australia. She worked as a laboratory technician and a chemist in Australia, only retiring in the year 2000 to care for her first grandchild. Lorna Ramirez has traveled extensively, gaining much from her interactions with people all over the world and building a strong foundation for her philosophies about life. She loves gardening, cooking, and reading and playing the piano. She is also interested in the Stock Exchange. Throughout her life, Lorna Ramirez, a woman of faith, has been a wise observer of human behaviour and has collected her many pearls of wisdom and observations to produce this inspiring and uplifting book.


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