Zone changes benefit tram commuters


Zone boundary extension and City Saver changes – effective 25 July 2010

From first service on Sunday 25 July, tram passengers travelling across Zone 1 and 2 will pay only a Zone 1 fare as the Zone 1 and 2 overlap now extends to the end of routes 42, 75, 86 and 109.

This means you can now travel all the way to the end of every tram route with a Zone 1 Metcard. The old Zone 2 area has become part of the Zone 1 and 2 overlap. You should continue using a Zone 2 Metcard for trips taken entirely within Zone 2.

The changes also mean that many myki users no longer need to touch off on trams. If you need to travel exclusively in the Zone 1 and 2 overlap area on the tram network, you will need to touch off to get the best fare.

The simplified fare structure means that City Saver will no longer be available for myki customers on trains, trams and buses. It will continue to be available under Metcard until the paper ticketing system is phased out.

The Zone 1+2 Metcards can still be used on trains and buses.

Tram users can get a refund for any unused Zone 1 + 2 Metcards until 30 September and will not have to pay the usual $9.80 administration fee.

For more information, see:

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