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Friday , 7 June 2024

2022—that’s a wrap!

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We made it to December, and we will soon say goodbye to 2022. I hope that you reached the goals you wrote down at the start of the year and that 2022 was your best year ever, or at least 2022 is going to propel you to bigger and better things. I do have a question for you: what is in your 2022 highlight reel? What did you accomplish? What is your biggest lesson?  

At the time of writing this, I unlocked my phone to play some background music, as I normally do when I write or attempt to complete an important task. In computer science professor Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work”, the author describes the meaning of deep work as to spend uninterrupted time with complete focus on the task at hand by blocking time out for your priorities. With my allocated time, I get in my flow by having familiar tunes playing in my earphones. Before I could immerse myself in the task, a notification popped up, and it alerted me that my Spotify 2022 Wrapped was available.  I am unsure if you checked yours out or if you listen to that streaming platform.  According to Spotify, my listening minutes added up to 28,283 minutes. If you convert it, that is over 19 days of non-stop listening. As you know, I am an auditory learner. I learn best by listening. Hence I listen to a lot of audiobooks, podcasts and music. I try to use NET Time (No Extra Time) as much as I can, so while driving, doing errands, or working out, I am listening to something and with a playlist ranging from Alicia Keys to Gin Blossoms, Ice T to VST & Co. I will never run out of things to listen to.  

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Human beings are creatures of habit, and my playlist, as well as the genre I listen to, can be as predictable as the sun rising in the east. You can later criticise my musical taste, but in all honesty, our habits determine our destiny. The outcome we have achieved and are yet to achieve lies in our habits.

For 2023, the big questions are what new habits do you want to acquire? What new levels do you want to step up to? You do not get healthy by eating a salad once; you get healthier by eating salad consistently backed by complimentary habits that will help you achieve your health goal. The year 2023 is around the corner, this time next year, what is it going to look like? Will you celebrate or commiserate? Time to step up and put your best foot forward for the New Year. Your habits won’t change unless you change. You could be missing out on something amazing because you are set in your old ways.  

I hope you use this Yuletide season to reflect, reconnect, recharge and prepare for your best year. Thanks for the feedback, and I appreciate the direct messages. My intention is always to share something positive, something you can apply and share with others, as well as to empower the community. I pray that you have a safe and memorable time during this festive season and that 2023 is the year for massive results. 

Until next time. STAY FOCUSED! 

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