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Alba Iulia
Thursday, October 22, 2020

3ZZZ management dismisses Filipino broadcasters

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Listeners of Filipino programs aired at 92.3 FM 3ZZZ, Melbourne’s largest Ethnic Community Radio Station, are still in the dark as to the real story behind the Station’s dismissal of its Filipino broadcasters. The Filipino programs which aired every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday went off the air three weeks ago much to the surprise of the programs’ avid followers.

The Philippine Times found that this dismissal includes the entire Filipino Committee working as volunteers to the Station. It contacted 3ZZZ’s management to get their side of the story but Station Manager Martin Wright did not want to elaborate and simply said in a message sent via email, “The matter is internal to the station and will be handled according to Policy”.

Fred Jover, Deputy Convenor of the Filipino Broadcasters, will soon release his statement to the Filipino community. The other group involved in the row will also issue a statement. Convenor Andy Cabrera is currently on leave due to health reason.

In a letter dated 30 July 2012 written by Station President George Salloum addressed to the Filipino Broadcasting Group Members, he cited the dismissal was due to “some governance problems” and opted not to explain further. The Station Council has called for a Filipino Group’s Annual General Meeting on 26 August 2012 to elect a new Filipino Committee and Broadcasters. Salloum clarified in his letter that the dismissed members are still eligible for nomination. “Broadcasting of programs has also been severely modified until after the AGM has elected a new Committee and Broadcasters have been nominated by the new Committee,” Salloum writes in the same letter.

Some of the regular broadcasters of the Filipino group are: Jing Sosa, Chito Javier, Carmela Sison, Matt Margarejo, Jenny Dy Tiapco, and Irma Modesto. The Filipino broadcasters have been serving 3ZZZ for several years now on a voluntary capacity. The Filipino broadcasters group has gained prominence and their air time is considered part of the regular listening habit of Filipino-Australians.

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  1. I read Fred Jover’s “open letter” to the 3ZZ Listeners and Filiipino-Australian community, today. He stated what the suspension of services is “not related” to. However he failed to explain what it “was related” to. He was clear, in his closing salutations, as to his position and “threats of litigation” to individuals who dare speculate on what has happened. Disappointing Fred. Very disappointing. You have yet to explain what happened. Is it true that it was a governance issue related to subscription monies received? Please don’t continue to treat us like monkeys: it is offensive.


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