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6 ways to brighten up your backyard this winter

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It may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean we should be hiding inside. Clear skies, sunny days and no sticky summer heat means winter can be the perfect time to get into the garden.

However, if you haven’t put thought into making your backyard a pleasant place to be, it can be easy to give up on the al-fresco breakfast and retreat back inside. We’ve put together a couple of pointers for brightening up your backyard this winter, allowing you to expand your home and reap the rewards of outdoor living.

1. Scrub up

There’s no point installing a beautiful new furniture set into a grubby garden, so take the time to clean up your existing space. Contact a waste removal company to remove any old furniture or garden debris, weed and wash your patio, trim and treat your lawn.

Cleaning up your backyard might not be the most glamorous job, but it will be worth it. Once you’ve got a clean canvas to work with, you can set about creating the perfect outdoor space.

2. The power of plants

Along with the sunshine and outdoor air, it’s often plants that can set outdoor space apart, so make the most of the sunshine and decorate your space the natural way.

While it’s true that many plants bloom in the springtime, there are a number of beautiful flowers that thrive in the cooler winter conditions. With its bright pink flowers, climbing Hardenbergia is a great addition to a winter garden, and keeping with the pink theme, Lily-of-the-valley shrub is another low-maintenance plant that thrives in cool, shady conditions.

Other beautiful plants that can elevate your garden this winter include the Winter Rose, Fairy Primrose, Luculia and Paper Daisy.

3. Decorate

And while you’re planting your flowers, you’ll probably want to think about other features you can install to enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Curating your garden space can be an adventure in personal creativity: choose pots, shelves, and ornaments that reflect your personal style, and take pride in expanding and elevating your living space. 

4. Get comfy

Getting off the sofa and into the garden is made much easier when your outdoor sofa is just as comfy. If you want to spend time in your outdoor space, it makes sense to make the seating options as appealing as possible.

If you don’t have space to store cushions for your outdoor furniture, invest in waterproof cushioned seating or opt for outdoor seating sets that come with waterproof covers.

Durable but lighter and more flexible than food and aluminum, rope and wicker furniture can be a great option for outdoor seating, and outdoor throw cushions are a great option for adding a personal touch.

If you’re feeling inspired to get outside, and are looking for the furniture and features to bring your backyard from bland to brilliant, Remarkable Furniture is a good place to start.

5. Get cosy

Having a soft seat in the sunshine is all very well, but winter sun isn’t always strong enough to keep you from shivering. Installing an outdoor fire pit can add more than just warmth, but can make getting outside an activity in itself.

Fire pits are also a great option for enhancing the aesthetic of your space: many fire-pit designs are ornaments in themselves, and watching a fire slowly smoulder is the oldest form of family entertainment. If a fire-pit doesn’t appeal, consider installing some outdoor heaters to keep your outdoor space toasty.

6. Get cooking

The BBQ is synonymous with the Australian summer, but cooking outside can be a perfect winter activity when it’s done right. Having easy-to-use outdoor cooking facilities can be a game changer for winter days, and once you can cook outside and your space is warm and comfy, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your garden space into the evening as the stars appear above you.

If you’re likely to be cooking outside throughout the year, it makes sense to invest in an outdoor BBQ that can do it all, and a good outdoor cooker can really enhance the aesthetic of the space. Choose a cooker that you’ll be proud to use, and revisit your BBQ cookbook to get inspired about going al-fresco.

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