After five years, Liz Almoro still traumatized over her marriage with Willie Revillame


I did not expect to be seated beside the ex-wife of Willie Revillame, Liz Almoro in the premiere of “Sex and the City 2” sponsored by Grace Chua of Mercedes Benz nor did I recognize the stunning beauty. She was humble and unassuming despite her statuesque beauty. She introduced herself to me. This is how our conversation went.

Liz: Hi Giselle! We’re Facebook friends! I’m Liz Almoro. I’m your fan.

Giselle: You do like comedians hehe. I’m so sorry I did not recognize you. I wrote about you in my column last week and for the propriety of fair comment, I need to get your side. I interviewed Victor Aliwalas to get a comment if you’re indeed dating and he gave me such a showbiz answer of “I’d appreciate it if you would not write about me and Liz because we are really just friends.” Then he banged the phone on me. How rude can he get! He has an attitude. I don’t like him! You tell him that! You don’t deserve him. You’re so nice and pretty. He’s rough and has no p.r. at all. What’s eating him anyway?

Liz: In fairness to Victor, I think he just doesn’t want to drag my name in showbiz because some people think he’s using me to get publicity.

Giselle: So are you really dating?

Liz: We’re hanging out. If you must know I’m dating a few men and no one exclusively. Na-trauma na kasi ako dati. Alam mo na. Di pa rin naalis.

Too bad the movie started so I couldn’t really fish the details on why was she so traumatized over her marriage with Willie. Oh and I stand corrected, Liz isn’t a cougar, she’s only 32. I wrote that she was 42. My bad.

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