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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Australia: the Melting Pot to Dive Into

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If there is something that CAN NOT be said about living in Australia despite his being an island, (okay, a continent too)-it ‘s no man is an island.

Pardon the political incorrectness for a moment. But it’s really nice what about Australia. Australia is probably one of the sweetest soluble copper in the world, a point of convergence for the cultures and people want to live harmoniously. Just go out on any busy street market or any of the lush, warm beaches, and you’ll see what we mean. People from all around the world with friends others, banished all the difference. It’s as if everyone just recently got washed ashore on a mission to spread goodwill. Australian immigration is clearly the loveliest there. Aussies welcome their guests as if they’ve been waiting for each other all the time.

Australia is indeed a free country where everyone gets equal opportunity. Lebanese mingling with the Brits, Chinese mingling with Italians, Aborigines hanging out with the Germans, New Zealanders laugh in the world: it is a welcome crash culture. Interestingly, Australia has one of the lowest population density of any country in the world. We’re talking 2 people per square kilometer here.

But so what? Petty statistics are not going to stop Aussies and fellow immigrants from going over their fence just holler “G’day, marry!” And oh yeah, we have mentioned in Australia, with almost no killing rates, was one of the safest places in the world?

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