Dr Allan Terrett’s speech at ACMEI’s Entrepreneur of the Year awards night

Dr Allan Terrett, a former Associate Professor of RMIT University awards plaque to ACME's Entrepreneur of the Year Sam Afra. Looking on are Fred Jover (left), ACME past president), and Walter Villagonzalo, Deputy Mayor of Wyndham and founder of Migrant Hub.
Dr Allan Terrett, a former Associate Professor of RMIT University awards plaque to ACME's Entrepreneur of the Year Sam Afra. Looking on are Fred Jover (left), ACME past president), and Walter Villagonzalo, Deputy Mayor of Wyndham and founder of Migrant Hub.

The following is an inspirational speech delivered by Dr Allan Terrett at the awarding ceremony of the ACMEI’s Entrepreneur of the Year on 5 July 2018 at Bayview in the Park, Melbourne.


by Allan Terrett

Who are these people we call Entrepreneurs; that we are here to recognise tonight?
I thought I would talk briefly about some of the attributes and qualities that I see in entrepreneurs that make them different from the average 9-5 worker.

Entrepreneurs are a unique group of people who not only achieve great things in their own lives but by their example, they motivate other people to aspire to achieve great things in their lives.

Entrepreneurs are people who believe in big dreams for their own lives, and for their family’s lives.

Entrepreneurs are people who want to be in control of their own lives.

Entrepreneurs understand that there is no greater success than knowing that they made their own success.

Entrepreneurs understand that every day gives them the opportunity to make their lives (and the lives of others) better.

Entrepreneurs believe that the major limits on their lives; are the limits that they impose on themselves.

Entrepreneurs understand that when you do what you love and love what you do you’ll then have success all your life.

Entrepreneurs understand that their journey may be lonely; it may be a high risk; – but they understand that if you want their success, that they need to work differently.

Entrepreneurs understand that nothing is free; nothing occurs overnight, and nothing occurs without work.

Entrepreneurs become passionate about what they do; and are able to maintain that passion; their emotional investment; over a long period of time.

Entrepreneurs understand that in the achievement of success; – there are rarely times when luck was a major factor, – but hard work is always a factor in their success.

Entrepreneurs understand that many people will try to tell them that it can’t be done; you won’t be able to do it.

Entrepreneurs don’t let negative and critical people distract them from their dreams but use it to fuel their determination to survive the tough times and to achieve their dreams.

Entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice their today like others won’t; for a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

When things are not going the way they planned; when they feel like giving up; the entrepreneur will work another day; another week; another year; and then hopefully one day; they will amaze themselves and those around them, at what success they have achieved in their life.

Entrepreneurs understand that success may involve long periods of pain; and sacrifice.

Entrepreneurs understand that they have to be flexible; and have to continually come up with new ideas; because what was successful in 2015, – may not be successful in 2020.

Entrepreneurs do not work just for the money (being an employee will do that) money is only the result of their work, but usually, money is not the major reason why they work so hard.

Entrepreneurs understand that everybody has good ideas that could be successful, but most people do nothing with their good ideas.

Entrepreneurs think big; when others don’t.

Entrepreneurs take action; when others won’t.

Entrepreneurs sacrifice; when others won’t.

Entrepreneurs dare to dream of their success; when others fear it.

Entrepreneurs understand that people succeed in bad times, and people fail in good times; that all times can be times of opportunity and success.

Entrepreneurs understand that they are going to make mistakes.

Entrepreneurs understand that they need to be optimistic; but at the same time; they need to be pragmatically pessimistic; so that they can predict and define the worst-case scenarios for their business in terms of financial loss and time loss; and to be able to accept these possibilities if they do happen; otherwise they would quit.

Entrepreneurs understand that there are no guarantees that they will succeed.

Entrepreneurs are people who are willing to work when other people are out partying, – or watching television.

Entrepreneurs understand that they have to think differently than many of the people around them; – because they understand, that if you are doing the same things as everybody else; – but you are expecting a different type of life for everybody else; – then you are insane; because; they understand that if you want something different; – then you have to do something different.

Entrepreneurs have to have the qualities of sacrifice, dedication, commitment and discipline.

I have found them to be people of high intelligence; high energy and high integrity.

Entrepreneurs understand that they may fail; – but can you ever find a successful person who has never failed; NO; – YOU CAN’T; because all successful people have suffered failures; but they have continued on when average people would have quit and given up.

Entrepreneurs know that if they succeed; they can then be involved in projects to help other, less fortunate people.

Entrepreneurs understand that they can change their reality; and the reality of those around them.

Why are Entrepreneurs a unique group of people? – because they have to be.


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