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Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta!

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The 2011 Philippine Fiesta in Victoria is the most awaited and biggest celebration of Filipino-Australians. It is a meaningful and expressive way to describe Filipinos’ splendid culture and colourful heritage. This year’s Philippine Fiesta, organised by the Philippine Fiesta of Victoria, Inc., will surely be full of laughter, food, friends and family members, games, and prayers.

Businesses will be busy showcasing their goods and services, talented Filos will give their best and organisations and associations will reach out to the community in stalls. To be held on 26-27 November 2011 at the Melbourne Show Grounds, the theme for this year focuses on “Ambagan” meaning to contribute or share something for the common good. This is the 29th Fiesta celebration.

The “Ambagan” theme is a celebration of the contributions being given by Fiesta committee officers, the volunteers, the different organisations, the local talents, the youth, the elderly, the Mums and the Dads, the Ates and the Kuyas, the owners and operators of Filipinos shops and new and old businesses alike. These people share their talents and resources to make the Fiesta a successful and memorable event.

Meeting Ambassador Anota
On the second day, the Filipino community will meet for the first time the new Philippine Ambassador to Australia Belen Anota. Other special guests are: Philippine Honorary Consul of Victoria Gigi Kalong; Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation and Federal Member for Maribyrnong Bill Shorten; Chairperson of Victorian Multicultural Commission Chin Tan, and Leader of the Opposition of Victoria Daniel Andrew.

Fr. Loi Viovicente, Filipino Chaplain, will hold a Mass on Sunday at 10am.

What’s in store for everyone
Liz Honey, PRO of the Fiesta Committee, has confirmed that the guests during the Fiesta would be Pekto, Kylie Padilla, Gwen Zamora, Imelda Papin and Jim Paredes. Aside from these famous Filipino entertainers, there will be local entertainers- – Sheralyn May Hill, Zabrina Araya, Jerson Trinidad, Lynyl Go, Pamela David, Karen Esco, Michael Catayas, Chris Centeno, Francesca Frivolous, Ficol Ati-Atihan of Lara, among others.

During the opening, community leaders and members from Philippine Fiesta of Victoria, Inc. and Philippine Fiesta Beauty Quests will lead the ribbon cutting and flag ceremony.

There will also be an oathtaking of Filos who have acquired dual citizenship to be led by the Filipino-Australia Association of Ballarat.

The two-day event will also see the recognition and presentation of Miss Teen Philippines of Victoria 2010, Miss Philippines Title Holders 2009, Mrs Philippines Holders 2009 and Miss and Mrs Philippines Fiesta Beauty Quests 2011.

The Miss Victoria Secret glamour girls will also have a Drag Fashion Performance.

Also in store are exhibits, food stalls, Galing Gintong singing contest, free kids and cultural presentation, wrestling, and the grand parade.

For details, visit www.philfiesta.com. (See page for 14 for copy of the program.)

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  1. today was the first day of the long-awaited Filipine Fiesta in Melbourne.

    oh what a day though — Melbourne almost on the verge of Summer, but in the midst of La Niña, the heavens opened from early in the morning, drenching the roads and everyone who dared venture outdoors.
    sadly, the Showgrounds inept parking staff ensured everyone who didn’t arrive very early, had to trudge 400-500m from their cars to the main tent, even though there was still plenty of spaces free in the carpark 50m from the entrance!

    once inside, our bedraggled visitors are subjected to raucous noise, completely unintelligible from all areas of the bigtop pavilion! the noise was the tragic effort of amateur stage managers / sound engineers (educated in the school of ‘ear-bleeding duff-duff beats clear and enjoyable music’); the effect was so loud you couldn’t hear either the words being sung nor anyone talking a inch away, even at the opposite corners of the pavilion (except between ‘songs’); it even set off a car alarm at one point; the result was hundreds of people having to endure ear damaging noise throughout their visit, many who retreated quickly into the rain, a pity for the stall-holders who have to suffer all weekend.

    the stalls were a brilliant showcase of many of Melbourne’s best Filipino food eateries, stores and other local services, and there were many great finds amongst the delicacies. the only downside was a couple of the stalls cooking barbecue indoors, with huge plumes of noxious smoke filling the corner of the building — why was it not done outside under a smaller marquee?!? unbelievable!

    all in all, my family and I are very supportive of the community spirit here and it’s an unbeatable way to network with other Filipinos from around the state. this was a disappointing day, but we pray the management gets it right next time, and also that the weather will be a little kinder too…


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