Fil-Aussie finalist in E-Fashion Awards

photo credit Rummage Magazine
Karen Topacio Photo credit: Rummage Magazine
photo credit Rummage Magazine
Karen Topacio
Photo credit: Rummage Magazine

Filipino-Australian, Paris-based and promising design student Karen Topacio would like to express her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Filipino communities in Australia for the strong support and votes in the E-fashion Awards. Topacio won in the E-Fashion awards by 8 points and she is officially in the finals of the said fashion awards.

Topacio told The Philippine Times: “Salamat and thank you to everyone who voted for me. I won the votes by 8 points and I am officially in the finals of e-fashion awards. Now, it is up to the judges to decide. This means, I will get the chance to present my work to French couturier Alexis Mabille and Fashion Photographer Ali Mahdavi at the fashion show in Paris on June 10th. Thank you for your continued support, I hope I will make you all proud in June.”

Karen Topacio is a fresh graduate from IFA Paris, a relatively new fashion school in Paris. Outgrowths A/W 2015 is her graduating collection that was presented last January 2015. This collection was featured in an Indie magazine in Sydney called Rummage.  She was also featured on Stylebible.

Since her collection debut, this upcoming Filipino-Australian designer has received several invitations to showcase her creativity. Not every design student gets to display her collection on the global market. Topacio has also been invited to show her collection at the Vancouver fashion week. “It is a bit too early for me to be doing it as I just graduated from fashion school but it is a rare opportunity to be invited to a fashion week so I am thinking about it.  I am looking for sponsors or perhaps I will create a crowdfunding account to help me get there. If I decide to do it, I will let you know,” the young designer said.

The Filipino-Australian designer got her ideas by accident from mushrooms and weeds formation. For her collection, she used fine strips of laser-cut wood to create geometric patterns and pleats to have an organic feel to it.

On her website, Topacio displays her multidisciplinary approach. She has a separate tab for her photography, illustration, video work, and fashion collection.

Topacio is hopeful that things will continue to move to the right direction as she focuses on her passionon fashion. “Things seem to be going the right direction and I’m hoping that it will progress. I’m really grateful for everyone’s support. Thank you again!”


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