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How a Filipino couple in Victoria made $180,000 in equity in less than 8 months without risking their life savings

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The Backstory 

Ronald and Angie, a Filipino couple, had moved from New Zealand recently to Australia and were in the process of building their new house. They have a great family with three kids. They had some savings and were working as a Disability Support Worker and Corrections Officer respectively. 

The Future Vision

They were an ambitious couple and wanted to ensure they have a good retirement and leave a legacy behind for their kids.

One of their friends referred them to a consultant from Empire8 Property Investments who has a great track record in helping build a multiple property portfolio for their clients from start to finish. 

The Plan  

After listening to their requirements and the long-term future goals, the consultant mapped out a plan for them so that they can achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time and without any hassle.

After an assessment of their finance capability and thorough research, the team at Empire8 Property Investments proposed one property in the growing area of Geelong and another one in Melton. 

The Execution Plan

With the help of the expert guidance of the consultant they were able to purchase the properties in a very competitive market. It was around February 2021 when the property boom had just started, and it was difficult to get a hold of any good properties.

Due to some exclusive arrangements, the Empire8 team was able to secure these properties for them with fixed price contracts so they would not encounter any surprises. The team promised to help them with all aspects of building their property portfolio so they can continue to both enjoy time with their family as well as focus on their work. 

The Fantastic Result 

For being very coachable and listening to the expert advice they got rewarded big time when the bank valuation on their Geelong property came at a whopping $130,000 higher than the purchase price. Currently the construction process is underway after their land settlement took place a few weeks earlier. 

The Melton property also is settling within a month, and they have had an equity gain of another $50,000. So not bad at all with an increase in equity of almost $180,000 in a short span of 8 months. Ronald and Angie were elated to have this fantastic start of their property investment journey. 

The Team 

The Empire8 team will also help them to rent the property and refer them to a qualified accountant so they can use their investment properties to save tax of around $10,000 – $12,000 each year.

They also manage the property portfolio for their clients with yearly reviews and ongoing advice to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients. 

– Selection of High Performing Property in growth areas 

– Help with Finance with a Qualified and experienced Finance Specialist 

– Renting the property once its ready to produce income from property. 

– Helping with claiming the maximum tax back using the Investment property 

– Assistance with buying property through Superannuation 

Looking forward to a bright future 

Ronald and Angie have been so happy with their results that they have recommended their family and friends to Empire8 Property so they can also achieve similar results with the guidance of Empire8 Property. 

As for Ronald and Angie, they are already looking into investing for the next property with an ultimate goal to buy 6 investment properties over the next few years which will set them on the path of financial independence. The team at Empire8 will continue to assist them in getting the best properties and provide exceptional service to keep things in check. Having a great team who can partner with you for your success is worth their weight in gold as they can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls and do a lot of backend work while you are busy with family and work. 

(Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect privacy of individuals and photo is for illustration purpose only)

If you would like a complimentary and obligation free Strategy Session to build your property portfolio, the team at Empire8 property can be contacted on 0433 213 993 or info@empire8property.com.au

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