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Is it better to live in Australia or the UK? 

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Australia and the UK are two English-speaking countries with a shared history, head of state, and the same parliamentary system. The main difference, some would say, is while Britain is often a grey and rainy place, Australians enjoy a gorgeous sun all year round. That’s partly why more than one million Brits choose to live Down Under – clearly, it suits for some. But there are almost one hundred thousand Ozzie’s living in the UK, drawn by London’s employment opportunities and culture. But which is the better country to live and work in, Australia or the UK? 

Is Australian work culture laid back? 

While Australians are often thought of as laid-back people, their work culture might be more demanding than many would expect. According to travel service Kaplan, lateness won’t go down well in Australian workplaces, and if you want to clock off as soon as the shift ends, it might raise an eyebrow or two. Surprisingly it’s the British who are more likely to leave work on time – and the least likely to be reprimanded in the event they are late to arrive.

However, many expats report feeling more relaxed at work, with blogger ‘Londoner in Sydney’ reporting that while they felt the work hours were similar, it was easier to take time off and have sick days, saying, “You can even take off a good month or 2 off to travel if you want to (given that you’ve worked up your leave in lieu), that’s something I never saw in London.”

Does it get too hot in Australia? 

While complaining about the rain is something of a hobby for Britons, those chasing the sun might get too close for their own good. While Australia boasts less rain and more heat all year round, some might find the heat a bit too much – especially in the peak of summer.

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Australia’s own travel board advises that the best time to visit the country is in spring and autumn, with cheaper summer flights reflecting lower demand during the warmer period when temperatures can reach in excess of 37 degrees Celsius. 

Though the UK may often be grey and rainy, some will be glad to be spared the intense Australian heat, which even forces many natives to take time off when the heat gets too much. 

Is Australia safer than the UK? 

Australia has a lower rate of assaults than the UK, at just 2.4 per million inhabitants compared to 2.8 in the UK, according to data from The Emigration Group. However, there are almost as many murders in Australia as there are in the UK per head of the population – though the overall level of violent crime in both countries is comparatively low.  

According to a survey by the group, the UK narrowly beats Australia in terms of public safety, reporting: 

“The United Kingdom takes this comparison. The murder rate is slightly lower, and, in general, respondents felt less fear and safer, according to our surveys. But the difference between the two countries is well within the margin of error, and with such low crime statistics, both countries make very safe destinations.”

Is it worth moving to Australia? 

The choice between Australia and the UK for residence will ultimately boil down to individual preferences. While Australia offers abundant sunshine and a relaxed lifestyle, the UK provides a more temperate climate and perceived safety.

Each country presents its unique set of pros and cons, catering to diverse needs and desires. Both nations offer safe and attractive living environments, making the decision a matter of personal inclination and priorities. If you’re considering making the move, it could be worth taking professional advice to help navigate some of the complexities associated with emigrating to a new country.

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