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Why should you consider hiring a jumping castle for an adult party?

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Virtually no party is complete without a jumping castle in any Australian city today. Although the pandemic has caused a lull in partying, people who manage small parties prefer hiring Jully Jumps Jumping Castles to make the party a lot livelier. 

Despite COVID-19 still raging, you can still have private parties in your home with up to 50 guests at a time. It is not just for kids’ parties that these bouncy castles are hired. Even adults prefer to have endless fun while partying in private. 

Below are a few reasons why hiring a jumping castle is a good idea:

Enliven your parties with limitless fun

Jumping castles are a source of endless joy and have become a staple at most parties today. Besides making the particular event a lot more exciting, these jumping castles make the experience thrilling because of the excitement. 

Adults also participate in their kids’ birthday parties, and what better way to revitalise such a party than by hiring jumping castles? These bouncy castles are safe for kids and adults alike and add a unique charm to your garden parties. 

Inflatable jumping castles – a source of joy

Did you know that it is easy to set up an obstacle course with jumping castles? This obstacle course can make the party a source of joy while also providing some much-needed exercise for adults and children alike. 

With the pandemic keeping everyone indoors with hardly any movement, the best way to burn some calories while also having fun could be a jumping castle. 

These jumping castles are cleaned and sanitised after each use, making them safe to use in your garden or indoors. Scale a wall, enter a tunnel, or scramble up a tower; the more challenging the games, the more fun your guests will have watching the older folks at play.

Inflated fun right at your homes

The possibilities are endless, and very few things can beat the tremendous inflatable fun that jumping castles provide. Have no fear about hurting yourself or any of your guests hurting themselves, as the soft surfaces are absolutely safe to land on from heights. 

You’ll notice that the jumping castle challenges are the highlight of your party, with all the guests making a beeline to participate. What’s more, the government guidelines on the need for physical activity and exercise give you a valid reason to enjoy while burning up the extra calories. 

Innovative jumping castles with music and lights

Some of the innovative jumping castles can be enjoyed by kids and adults, thanks to the speakers and flashy lights that enhance the party mood. You can hook up the music via Bluetooth or AUX and have people take turns picking the next song. 

Well-lit and ventilated, these jumping castles are safe and sturdy, regardless of how much time you want to spend bouncing around. You can also opt for combo deals for jumping castles that combine different activities in one, with a basketball hoop thrown in for some extra exercise and fun. 

Given the pandemic situation, it is better to party with a limited crowd within the safe confines of your home. Jumping castles provide great entertainment and exercise, and services like Jully Jumps Jumping Castles also safely deliver to your doorstep. 

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