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Alba Iulia
Thursday, August 5, 2021

Leading ourselves through hard times

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This pandemic is still hanging about. It is like an uninvited guest at a party who doesn’t want to leave and ends up socialising with other guests and by the end of the evening, the gate crasher has coerced everyone to participate in an impromptu flash mob. A flash mob? Yes, that is, so 2003 isn’t it? 

Well, I hope that this pandemic dies down just like the flash mob phenomenon, however. The way it is going, there are a lot more people joining flash mobs (not by choice), and every day somewhere in the world, a new cluster starts and quickly multiplies.

We, as tax-paying citizens, seek leadership from our leaders whom we voted into office, and you would expect public servants to do the right thing in choreographing steps, strategies and taking charge of disrupting COVID. It has been here since late 2019 (it says it on the name); we are now in 2021. We already passed the first quarter, and it seems that things are going back two paces with every forward step we take in preventing the spread. 

I feel that we need to take personal responsibility in doing our bit to contain the virus; yes, we need to bring back commerce, stimulate the economy and have proper processes and accountability measures, especially for our leaders and our politicians. They may not have all the answers, but who does? Our leaders can lift the nation and minimise the spread by thinking beyond the next election. This is not a pot shot at our leaders locally and abroad; this is not a political post. I am not promoting getting inoculated with the vaccine; that is your choice. I am promoting and want to focus on showing our best side despite the difficulties we are facing. Yes, it is hard to show your best side when everyone around you is projecting their worst side. 

So what are we going to do? I am not a man of science or a man of law. However, I am a man filled with hope and optimism, and I believe that what you put out in the universe will come back to you. We need to practice patience and accountability and think long-term. We have to follow protocols, and while we might be inconvenienced for a few seasons, this is the opportunity to create social change and a new way of life. We might not get the leadership we seek from our leaders, but we can practice self-leadership. It’s all about influencing our thinking, feelings, and actions towards our primary goals and objectives. 

Until next time, STAY FOCUSED!

(For comments or feedback, email thadmangalino@gmail.com)

Featured image by Joshua Tsu on Unsplash

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