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The Philippine Times is a monthly community newspaper established in 1990. It has been circulating and providing comprehensive community coverage keeping the Filipino-Australians informed of current news and events that are important to them.

The Philippine Times:
The voice of the Filipino community in Australia

The Philippine Times is a global Filipino-Australian newspaper dedicated to carrying news and features about Filipinos living in Australia. Now in its 33rd year, The Philippine Times carries stories of particular interest to Filipinos in Australia fostering a sense of collective identity and cultural pride as they connect to the Australian mainstream, their original home, the Philippines and to the world.

The Philippine Times is the longest-running Filipino newspaper in Australia and the only Filipino newspaper in Victoria. It records the dynamic lives of Filipino migrants, students, and workers in Australia, providing various sectors a medium for voicing perspectives on issues relevant to them.

A quarter-of-a-century’s work built on factual coverage and truthful delivery, the publication has proven itself as an official storyteller of the Filipino community and its politics and governance, arts and entertainment, and community services among others. It documents Filipino nationhood and community held from the far end of the diaspora, but never severed from the homeland.

The Philippine Times is a constructive forum for the advancement of Filipino-Australian interests. It caters to the diverse composition of Filipinos in Australia from being a newly-arrived migrant, a student, an entrepreneur, a senior citizen, a beauty queen, a sports enthusiast or a leader. 

While Filipinos in Australia are excellent workers and responsible family members, they likewise know how to party, raise funds, volunteer, take part in their local council or excel in whatever field they are interested in. They each have stories to tell the community and the world and there are issues that concern them and they find important. The Philippine Times is their medium to communicate to their intended audience.

While The Philippine Times has withstood the test of time, it still perseveres to make the delivery of stories more exciting and more meaningful. Our unwavering commitment to be partners with Filipino-Australians as they communicate to the world will remain. The Philippine Times will continue to deliver that invaluable service in new and innovative ways for years to come.

The Philippine Times as dedicated print and online publisher and unity promoter

Because of continuing service to many Filipinos, The Philippine Times is a respected publisher by the community. Around 90 percent of coverage is on Filipino community events like Philippine Independence Day, festivals and cultural celebrations, concerts, charity events, social and religious gatherings. 

The Philippine Times also assists Filipino-Australians to be integrated into the Australian community. This year, we are busy in the production and design of four separate books Filipino-Australians, Asther Creo, Dina Delfino, Joel Magpayo and Lydia John. Titled “Titik at Guhit: Proclaiming Life through Word and Art” the books will showcase the talents of the four authors not just to the Filipino community but to mainstream Australians.

During its 25th Anniversary celebration, Filipinos lauded The Philippine Times‘s mission to disseminate balanced and reliable information and provides commentary on issues affecting the community; for the Filipino community, The Philippine Times has become an institution. 

The Philippine Times as excellent reaching hand of truth and reliable information

The Philippine Times acting as the watchdog of the Filipino community might not always be desirable to some Filipino community leaders. Its role as a media is to be the eyes and ears of the Filipino community, to record the event and to inform the community of what is happening. It will continue the services to the Filipino community.

In keeping with the truth, it needs to cover controversies and disputes as part of its responsibility to keep its readers well informed of both the good and the not-so-good. The Philippine Times wants the Filipino-Australians to become critically informed individuals who take responsibility in whatever role they have, be it a member or leader of an organization or a citizen of their motherland or Australia.

The Philippine Times as the leading newspaper publisher and online advertising provider

The Philippine Times with over 30 years of operation is Australia’s number one and longest-serving Filipino newspaper. Its print edition reaches 20,000+ readers every month and its online edition generates an average 50,000 monthly page views during the last 12 months. The Philippine Times has also an active Facebook Page with 91,000+ followers.

The newspaper contains news from the Philippines, local news, community news, migration issues, features, entertainment, spiritual, property, and calendar of events. The presentation of its advertisement and the design and layout of its articles speak of the professional look of the paper. It is delivered to Filipino shops and outlets free of charge.

The Philippine Times‘ digital files can also be found online at in which the papers are monthly published.

In line with this, different Filipino community organisations and individuals would contact the paper to promote their events, ask for assistance for coverage and publish articles and photos after their events. Basically, the coverage is from the planning stage to the completion of the project or event. 


We Always Keep in Touch

We are the preferred choice of businesses to advertise their goods and services. We provide comprehensive community coverage keeping the Filipino-Australians informed of current news and events that are important to them. 

We reach readers every month via our print, website, and social media pages

Australia is home to over 400,000 Filipinos. The Philippine Times print edition is distributed through Philippine-Asian retail outlets, Philippine Consular posts, Australian government offices, and places where Filipino community and social groups meet and hold events. We also distribute interstate.

We assist advertisers customise their campaign packages

We can assist you in the design of your advertising campaign tailored to your target market. Our marketing team will execute the advertising material that suits your ad requirements.

We offer advertising packages for print, website, social media and email campaigns

We offer packages that combine print, website, social media, and email advertising campaigns giving you the needed presence to your clients. A combined print and website package gives you more edge over your competitor as your company is seen as more dynamic and reputable.

We offer convenience

You do not need to print flyers and distribute them at every major event. We deliver copies of The Philippine Times to Filipino shops as soon as it’s printed and distribute them to events and gatherings. This saves you time, energy and money in printing flyers and personally distributing them.

We promote brand or business credibility

It adds value to your business when they see your company in The Philippine Times. Your association with The Philippine Times increases your credibility. Our advertisers give us feedback that they get customers when they regularly advertise in our paper.


Over years, we are the preferred choice of businesses to advertise their goods and services with more than 20,000 readers every month and an average of 30,000 page views online. Tailored with your advertising campaign, we offer print and website editions. 

Digital edition – is the leading online Filipino news magazine in Australia. 78% of the website visitors come from Australia and have an average 30,000+ monthly page views.

Banner ad units

  • 300 x 250 pixels (displayed within posts sitewide)

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Refer to the online advertising rate card.

Print Edition – The Philippine Times

The Philippine Times print edition with a circulation of 6,000 to 7,000 is distributed Australia-wide and reaches over 20,000 readers every month. The print edition’s digital file is uploaded on this website and shared on our Facebook Page with 91,000+ followers and promoted to our 1,300 email subscribers. 

The Philippine Times print edition is Australia’s longest-serving and number one Filipino news magazine that is published once a month. The Philippine Times offers advertising options as shown in this advertising rate card.

  1. Display ads

Display ads can be placed anywhere except in the Classifieds sections.

Size DescriptionMeasurement (W x H)
Full-page260mm W x 360mm H
Half-page260mm W x 177mm H
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2. Classified ads

The Classifieds section is a great way to advertise because readers will find you for specific services they are looking for. We offer two options:

Business guide listing

This is a directory-type listing that contains the following:

  • Business logo or related image
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  • Address
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  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Description of service (up to 15 words)

Classified ad unit blocks

  • 4UB (4 unit-block) – 65mm W x 80mm H
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The booking and material deadlines, distribution points, and digital files of previous print editions can be found here.

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