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New hope for skilled migrants

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PM Julia GillardBy LITA MAHLE

Australia’s new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard said that the major reform to the Australian skilled migration program that came into effect on 1 July 2010 will help provide needed skills and workers for the Australian economy.

She stresses that she is not about to close down the shutters in immigration but rather to move in a new direction that supports skilled migration that the country can sustain. She will focus on policy changes that will support the nation’s infrastructure, services and sustainability through skilled immigration rather than pursuing growth of the population through migration.

Based on the Annual Treasury Intergenerational Report, Australia’s population is projected to increase by 22 million up to a total of 35.9 million by the year 2050 with immigration being the greatest contributing variable.

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The current Prime Minister will implement new plans for immigration changes that would favour skilled Immigrants wishing to live in Australia.

She will support policy changes that will create a more sustainable nation by attracting much needed skilled workers that will boost the economy by creating more jobs and opportunities and fill in available skilled jobs in Australia that could not be otherwise filled in by local Australian residents.

The PM said, “We have already seen the rate of employer and state-sponsored skilled migrants increase from 29 per cent in 2007–08 to 55 per cent this current year. And the latest figures illustrate businesses are already using the new system to recruit the skilled workers they need to meet demands in Western Australian and Queensland.”

This should be good news for skilled immigrants wanting to migrate to Australia, as these changes are meant to attract these much sought after skilled workers.

To check if your occupation is among the skilled occupation needed in Australia, visit www.immi.gov.au and click the new Australian SOL, a list of 183 highly valued occupations including managerial, professional, technical and trade occupations.

Lita Mahle is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 9250408) www.prtimmigration.com. Ms Mahle will conduct a series of free information sessions in July, August and November for people wanting to migrate, work, study in Australia.

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