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Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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Lockdown’s got you down?

The cycle of and lockdowns we are living in, day in and day out has certainly weighed down on the mental and emotional wellbeing...

Filipino language and its use in Australia

Young generation Filipino-Australians are losing their grasp of the Filipino language, while Tagalog language enrolments in Victoria are dwindling in numbers. Meanwhile, Filipino migrants...

Updates from the Filipino community in South Australia

Mabuhay! Recent events have shown South Australia’s continuing commitment to do what is necessary to keep COVID-19 under control. The spiking number of cases around...

Senior citizens group PASSCI celebrates 36th anniversary

The Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc  (PASSCI), the first Filipino Seniors Group to be incorporated in Australia is celebrating its 36th anniversary online today....

Filipino community leader Lina Cabaero-Ponnambalam passes away

By Peter Murphy Many of you will have heard that Lina died late last night at St Vincent’s Hospital. Her death was peaceful, as she...

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