On Ryan Perdio’s column – February 2012 issue


Dear Editor,

Ryan Perdio’s regular article “A Queer Life” appears sometimes under ‘Opinion’, other times not. So I’m not sure how far his views receive official endorsement by your paper or if they are published only as personal opinion.

In any case, Ryan has expressed self-contradiction between two articles. In “Still out and proud” (A Queer Life PT Feb 2012) he states: “….,many still hold the view that being gay is a form of illness that can and should be cured. An outdated, ill-informed view that hurt so many unnecessarily.” In contrast, in his ‘Opinion’ article “Angst and anxiety” (A Queer Life PT Sept 2011) Ryan wrote: “Anxiety….depression and bipolar disorder are mental health disorders that affect a significant amount of people. All three are common in that a disproportionate NUMBER OF SUFFERERS IDENTIFY AS HAVING AN ALTERNATIVE SEXUALITY.” (my emphasis)

Despite Ryan’s own uncertainty, it is unfortunate and quite sad that the PT gives him free reign to colourfully describe and defend Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras Festival, in which he says he took part and which unreservedly promotes and encourages homosexual activity.

The PT speaks for the Filipino Community who I understand include about 90% Catholic Christians. Thus I believe I can safely say the majority of your readers would not only disapprove of Ryan’s open promotion of the Mardi Gras, but in fact be deeply offended by it. There could also be non-Christian readers who would no doubt take offence at such disregard for the natural law in human nature. Encouragement by a regular journalist in PT of the homosexual lifestyle clashes with wholesome, inspiring and uplifting articles like “Colours of Life” by Dina Mananquil- Delfino.

Out of respect for Filipinos and their deeply held Christian principles and ethics, I respectfully consider your paper has a grave duty to issue a public disclaimer against the pro-homosexual lifestyle views expressed by Ryan Perdio. Such a move on your part would not be discriminatory, but rather a true sign of integrity as well as a recognition of the natural law and the beliefs and sensitivities of the majority of your readers.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Phillips


Response from the Editor

Dear Peter,

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. As indicated in our staff box, “The opinions, views and comments expressed in this publication are those of the writers and not necessarily of the Board and management of The Philippine Times.” We respect the opinion of our writers and that of our readers. We believe homosexuality is a complex topic and people have different views. We can spend days debating who is right or wrong.

Your letter comes at a time that we have in this issue the Filipino Gay Comedy Show which most of the Filipino-Australians enjoyed immensely. We also featured the Miss Gay and Ms Transsexual Australia 2012 winners, also a well-attended event.

Our main photo and main article for the Spiritual page are about the 20th year celebration of the Filipino mass at St. Francis Church. In the past, we featured Born Again Christians, Couples for Christ and other religious groups.

You see, these things are what comprise the Filipino community here in Melbourne. Take it or leave it. We have gay people in the Filipino community and we also have so many religious people. They may live in extreme worlds but both try to respect each other and live in harmony.

The Editor

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