PHL immigration bureau cuts ‘red tape’ for frontline services


By Leilani S. Junio

MANILA, Aug. 18 (PNA) — The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is now focusing its efforts in simplifying the requirements and processing time for its frontline transactions or services.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said that this is in compliance to President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s directive for all government agencies to drastically cut red tape for the benefit of the public.

“The bureau has already come up with a revised list of requirements and timelines for 16 frontline services which are now being implemented at the main office and all the other BI extension, satellite and field offices nationwide,” Morente said.

He added that the new rules were recommended by the members of a technical working group which he created last month.

Among the transactions that have been streamlined are tourist visa extension and updating of stay; issuance of BI clearance and certificate of not the same person and travel records; dual citizenship petitions; visa downgrading; and amendment, transfer and correction of admission.

The TWG was tasked to evaluate, review, revise and improve existing procedures and requirements for the various transactions at the bureau.

The BI Chief also said that they will come out very soon with new proposals to simplify the procedures and cutting the timelines for other frontline services that have not been included in the initial list.

“The second phase is underway. The technical working group is evaluating other transactions which will also be streamlined. We do not anticipate any decrease in revenue; in fact we hope that the simpler the process, the more encouraged our clientele will be,” he said.

He added that their efforts will be resulting into a scenario wherein more foreigners will visit and do business in the country.

“In turn, our economy will improve and usher in more job and livelihood opportunities for our people,” Morente said.

For the second phase, the targets for simplification are immigrant and non-immigrant visas being processed by the legal division. (

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