RP, Thailand push for single Asean visa


The Philippines and its neighbour Thailand are both pushing for the creation and implementation of a single visa for all member-nations of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).

The two nations are proposing that the 10-member association adopt a single visa-policy, much like the system being used in the European Union.

The proposed policy is expected to benefit trade, tourism. For the Philippines, this will also benefit migrant workers.

Currently, visitors to the 10 countries must get separate visas to each of the 10 member-nations of the Asean.

Philippine Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan says he is pushing for a single visa for citizens of countries not belonging to Asean that would enable them to travel freely within the region. He added that the proposal will be discussed at a three-day meeting of regional immigration heads that starts Monday in Philippines’ Manila.


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