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Alba Iulia
Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Indie filmmaker brings Filipino-Australian identity to the big screen

By Charisse Garcia When we talk about Filipino identity in Australia in the current pandemic mode, there is always a strong link to resilience and courage. But Filipino identity is more than that; we are more than our struggles and...

Roman Berry – The Road Taken

An artistic endeavour is a long journey. Ask any creative person and they would always ask themselves, should they have taken the road less travelled by or the other one instead.  It is a never ending road and you start...

FIRST READ ON PEP: Louie Ignacio resigns as director of Party Pilipinas

Direk Louie reveals to PEP his sentiments about some people involved with the show. View full post on PEP News Feed
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Exciting job opportunities for Filipinos living in Australia

It is misleading to call the Filipino population living in Australia a ‘community’. With roughly 300,000 immigrants from the...
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