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Retelling a history of early Filipino migration to Australia

By Ana Rosa Marginson May 22nd 1946 is a significant date for Filipinos in Australia, although few may recognise why. On this day 75 years...

The day I called Australia home

It was raining heavily on that night of the 31st of August 1977 as we drove to the airport for a new life in Australia....

75 years of Fil-Auship: A Snapshot of Filipino migration to Australia

The wizard wind carries lonesome melodies echoing memories of the past hundred years – of schooners, luggers, pearl shells, and waves of settlers called...

Exploited Filipino migrant workers in Australia: a cautionary yet empowering tale

Hitec Welding in Brisbane is under investigation for allegedly underpaying Filipino migrant workers for extra domestic work and providing them with crowded accommodation. While...

Migration lingo made simple

When applying for visas, applicants encounter words or phrases that they have never seen before or might struggle understanding. This article intends to provide...

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