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philippine elections

Make or break: Importance of 2022 National elections to Filipinos

With the end of the Duterte administration and the national elections fast approaching, several politicians have been subtly making their moves to gain the...

Election fever is heating up

Filipinos have a penchant for politics. However, our love for drama and celebrities is far more! Maybe it’s the need to feel involved or...

China policy in the 2022 elections

Just a few months ago, Filipinos watched in terror as more than 200 Chinese maritime militia vessels moored in the West Philippine Sea (WPS),...

All you need to know about overseas voting

As the Philippine Consulate General in Melbourne prepares for the registration of overseas voters for the May 9, 2022 Philippine national elections, we thought...

Voting is a family affair

By Reby Y Gaw We all know the drill. Neatly piled up like the Von Trapp children, we are ready before 7am to head for...

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