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5 Mistakes Every Jewellery Business Should Stay Away From

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Having your own jewellery business is a matter of great pride. You get to decide the products your store will have and how you will keep your target customers always interested. However, that’s merely the tip of the iceberg.

Jewellery pieces are considered sentimental items in many regions of the world. Due to this, it becomes essential to provide the kind of experience that stays with your customers for a long time. Doing so starts with opting for a beautiful jewellery pouch to pack your orders, sending a thank you note and running discount programs for frequent customers. Nevertheless, there are still many things you must be careful of throughout your business operations to ensure a successful and profitable business run. 

If you are a small business dealing with jewellery, here are a few mistakes you must always avoid!

1. Not having a target audience

Sure, jewellery is appreciated worldwide, but that doesn’t translate into the whole world as your target market. Doing so will only cost you a lot of money, not as many leads. Instead, focus on identifying who your target customers are and what they are looking for. 

Once you understand what your potential customers want, you can further expand the range of products your brand offers. Also, identifying your target market will help create strategies directed towards enticing and encouraging them to shop more from your store. 

2. Poor product photography 

Your online store must offer your customers the same experience they would get if they were visiting the physical store. This includes using an appropriate theme in the right colours, naming your products as descriptively as possible and uploading pictures that show your customers what they are getting. 

Invest in getting the product pictures taken by professionals in suitable aspect ratios that fit desktop and mobile versions of your website. If your jewellery business often launches new lines, consider using the source of inspiration as a backdrop for your product pictures. It will make it easier for your customers to relate to the product and appreciate its idea. 

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3. Old, outdated catalogue 

When introducing a new line of products on your website, it is necessary to update your catalogue as well. You do not want your potential customers to choose designs that are no longer available. It creates a cloud of uncertainty where your customers are excited to select but unsure if the product they want will be available. This can significantly impact your customers’ shopping experience. 

Having 10,000 products increases your potential to capture more customers than having merely 50 products. At the same time, it is vital to avoid retaining items that are not generating sales. They only occupy space that could otherwise be used to store top-selling products. 

4. Inadequate or incomplete product descriptions

Whether you have a physical store or an online store, it is highly recommended that you use descriptive and engaging product descriptions. Consider including a card describing the product in case of a physical store. You should do the same for online stores. 

However, ensure your website has all the information necessary to convince customers to buy from you. Include details such as the metal used to make the product, care instructions, return policy (along with the return window) and sizing. If you offer customisations, include details about making them available. 

5. Not using adequate packaging 

Your product packaging says a lot about your brand. Moreover, as receiving one’s order after a long wait, people are often super excited about the unboxing experience. 

Make sure you use sturdy packaging to prevent the products from jostling inside and sustaining damages like scratches or dents. Always focus on using adequate padding for extra cushioning and use only packaging-grade tape to secure the container. 


With the heaps of emotional and sentimental value associated with jewellery, as a business owner, you must provide fair value and options to choose from. Be it by offering newer discounts, providing high-quality products or including a token of your appreciation for their purchase. Amidst all the chaos, ensure you always keep your store updated and send out orders packed with love and adequate packaging material for a beautiful unboxing experience. 

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