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Alba Iulia
Thursday, August 5, 2021


Falling in and out of love in Australia: Philippine law on foreign marriage, divorce and annulment

Filipinos are citizens of the world, and they figure in all sorts of complex situations with foreign elements. One such situation is marriage. And separation. And divorce. And remarriage. And so on and so forth. So we’re caving in...

5 practical tips for avoiding debt during wedding season

Let’s talk about the elephant in the bridal chamber: the wedding budget. Look, I get that for some (okay, fine, several) people, your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and that it should be...

Planning a memorable wеdding without brеаking yоur bаnk

Marriage iѕ a lifеtimе соmmitmеnt between twо реорlе. Thе wеdding day iѕ ѕаid tо bе the most mеmоrаblе dау in a woman's lifе and fоr some реорlе it оnlу hарреnѕ оnсе. With it comes thе dеѕirе tо make thiѕ...

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo “slowly” planning their wedding

Nick says engagement to Vanessa was part of a "carefully calculated plan." PEP News Feed

Binoy and Mariel to have church wedding

Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez plan a church wedding before the year ends Robin intends to meet with Mariel's parents in the U.S. soon. PEP News Feed
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Solutions for failed skills assessment

Skills assessment is a mandatory requirement when applying for Permanent Residency (PR) visas under the General Skilled Migration (GSM)...
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