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Victorian Government Launches Cyber Safety Campaign on World Password Day

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The Victorian Government has announced a new cyber safety campaign on World Password Day to improve online safety for its citizens. The initiative aims to protect Victorians from online threats by promoting stronger passwords and safer online practices.

Minister for Government Services Gabrielle Williams announced the campaign, urging Victorians to explore the new tools available on the Service Victoria app. These include a password strength tester and a password generator designed to help users create more secure passwords and protect their online accounts from cybercriminals.

“Cyber safety has never been more important, and creating strong passwords is a simple thing every Victorian can do to stay safe online,” Minister Williams said.

The new campaign, “Will your password pass the test of time?” highlights the importance of strong passwords. It notes that weak passwords can be hacked in seconds, while strong passwords can take centuries to crack. The campaign provides Victorians with guidance on creating secure passwords and adopting safe online habits.

Online Safety Steps

The campaign emphasizes six key steps for online safety:

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  1. Use passphrases.
  2. Create unique passwords for each account.
  3. Avoid predictable words in passwords.
  4. Use a password manager.
  5. Update passwords regularly.
  6. Enable multi-factor authentication.

In addition to the new tools, the Service Victoria app offers both password testing and generation features. The generated passphrases are unique and random, and both tools operate anonymously, ensuring no data is collected, tracked, or stored.

To further support online security, the Victorian Government has launched a new Stay Safe Online website. The website provides comprehensive information on topics such as passwords, multi-factor authentication, updating devices, and recognizing online scams.

Victorians are encouraged to visit the website at vic.gov.au/stay-safe-online for cyber safety resources and guidance on using the new tools.

“We’re launching this new password strength tester as part of World Password Day – it’s safe, secure, and easy to use, and available now on the Service Victoria app,” Minister Williams emphasised.

This campaign aims to strengthen online security measures for all Victorians, helping them protect their information from cyber threats.

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