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Global COVID-19 deaths now exceed 250,000 mark

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updated: 5 May 2020, 11.35 am AEDT
Source: https://ncov2019.live/

The COVID-19 deaths worldwide continue to increase now crossing the 250k mark.

The number of confirmed cases worldwide is now at 3,644,795. Of the total numbers, 252,364 have died, 49,635 critical, and 1,194,835 have so far recovered.

The USA is ranked on the top of the list of COVID-19 confirmed cases at 1,212,835 followed by Spain, Italy, UK, and France. The USA continues to record the most number of deaths at 69,921 followed by Italy in far second at 29,079.

Australia is slowly flattening the curve with a recorded total of 6,825 positive cases of COVID-19 including Filipino-Australians who tested positive. The death toll has increased to 95. NSW has the most number of cases with 2,870 confirmed.

The Philippines has 9,485 confirmed cases with deaths reaching 623.

While Australia’s death rate remains at a low rate of 1.4%, the Philippines’ death rate is a staggering 6.5%! The explanation for this might be the large number of tests that have yet to be validated because of the lack of testing facilities in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the ratio of death to confirmed cases in the USA is at a high of 5.8%.


Total Confirmed Cases – 3,644,795

Total Deceased – 252,364

Total Critical –   49,635

Total Recovered –      1,194,835

COVID-19 infographic Australia 4 May 2020
COVID-19 infographic | Australia, 4 May 2020


★United States69,9211
★United Kingdom28,7343


★United States1,212,83569,92116,050188,027
★United Kingdom190,58428,7341,559Unknown
★Saudi Arabia28,6561911434,476
★United Arab Emirates14,73013712,966
★South Korea10,801252559,217
★Dominican Republic8,2353461441,771
★South Africa7,220138362,746
★Bosnia and Herzegovina1,926784855
★North Macedonia1,5188521992
★New Zealand1,48720Unknown1,276
★Ivory Coast1,43217Unknown693
★Hong Kong1,04141900
★Sri Lanka75181194
★Costa Rica74265399
★DR Congo68234Unknown80
★Burkina Faso67246Unknown545
★San Marino58241586
★El Salvador555133180
★Channel Islands54441Unknown406
★Isle of Man3252321271
★Equatorial Guinea3153Unknown13
★Faroe Islands187UnknownUnknown185
★Sierra Leone1789Unknown37
★Cape Verde1752Unknown37
★French Guiana13312100
★Trinidad and Tobago1168Unknown99
★Central African Republic85UnknownUnknown10
★The Bahamas8311125
★Sint Maarten7613744
★Cayman Islands751314
★French Polynesia58Unknown153
★South Sudan46UnknownUnknownUnknown
★Saint Martin383129
★Antigua and Barbuda253115
★São Tomé and Príncipe233Unknown4
★New Caledonia18Unknown117
★Saint Lucia18UnknownUnknown15
★The Gambia171Unknown9
★Saint Vincent and the Grenadines17UnknownUnknown9
★Saint Kitts and Nevis15UnknownUnknown8
★Falkland Islands13UnknownUnknown13
★Turks and Caicos Islands121Unknown6
★Vatican City11UnknownUnknown2
★Papua New Guinea8UnknownUnknown6
★Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba6UnknownUnknownUnknown
★British Virgin Islands61Unknown3
★Saint Barthelemy6UnknownUnknown6
★Western Sahara6UnknownUnknown5
★Caribbean Netherlands6UnknownUnknownUnknown
★Saint Pierre and Miquelon1UnknownUnknownUnknown

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