By Lorna Ramirez

“From Glory to Glory” was the theme of the 30th anniversary of the Holy Redeemer Servant Community (HRSC). This is a non-profit organisation founded in 1987 by four spiritually blessed people: Bro. Boyet Palon, the head servant and his wife Sis. Evelyn and Sisters Helen Brinas and Remy Casin. The first prayer meeting was held at Bro. Boyet’s residence in Richmond. To date, it has 1000 members. The 30th anniversary was held last 12th of August at the St. Bernadette Hall in North Sunshine. Almost 400 members and guests attended.

The HR Wantirna Group is an extended branch of the HRSC. Some of the ultimate goals of this organisation are: fellowship and reaching out to other Christian groups proclaiming and spreading the words of God, thus promoting awareness of God’s presence in all of their fellowship gatherings. It also focuses on enriching the faith and the love of God amongst the members to achieve a strong bond among families.

Registrations started at 1pm and refreshments were served. The program commenced at 2pm with an extravaganza and smorgasbord of lively vibrant Gospel songs, hence filled the room with an infectious and electrifying atmosphere.

Bro. Boyet addressed the anniversary message followed by the key speakers Monsignor Litoy Asis and Fr. Peter Mckinley. Fr. Asis acknowledged the HRSC as the pearl gift of the Filipino Catholics to the church of Victoria.

Dance number was performed by the children followed by spiritual songs of teen and adult members. A beautiful jubilee song rendition by the RH Wantirna group was also presented.
Fr. Agustin talked about the Jubilee cross and Sis. Evelyn led the community praise and worship. All the speeches were delivered with profound passion and with intense faith.

The highlight of the event were the enthronement, blessing of the Jubilee Cross and the Holy Mass. Seven priests attended: Fathers Asis, Edgar Boglosa, Bernie Agustin, Manuel Sunaz, Rolyn Vics, Albert Yap and Boyet Cabrera.

The phrase chanted by the HRSC members, “God is good all the time; all the time, God is good” resonated throughout the celebration.

The event concluded with a sumptuous fellowship dinner.


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