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By Lorna Ramirez

Growing up in the Philippines and having tight-knit, very religious families had shaped my conservative outlook and moral values of life. As I matured and had gone through different experiences, exposed to various kind of environments, my perspective on life changed. I do now realise that love, acceptance, and tolerance are the most important values in life. These are the very essence, and my near death experienced, inspired me to write my two books, My Innermost Thoughts published in 2014 and My Passion, My Calling published in 2015.

About the author

My name is Lorna Ramirez. I was born in Sorsogon, Philippines but grew up in Quezon City, Philippines. Both my parents passed away many years ago. I have two sisters, one living in New Jersey USA, and one here in Melbourne. Finishing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemical

Finishing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering had given me the opportunity to work as a Laboratory and Mill Manager at the Solid Mills Textiles company. In here I met my husband an electrical engineer. In 1977 my husband, our two children and I migrated to Australia. I was the first lady technician to work in Monsanto laboratory. After I qualified as a Chemical Engineer in Australia I worked as an Industrial Chemist in one of the big oil companies in Victoria. I retired in 2000 to look after my first granddaughter.

After retirement

A sea change for me, from a technical background to a writer, author, pianist, motivational speaker and lately a novelist. I could not believe that I was able to do all these. The Maggie de la Riva case in 1965 had inspired me to write my third book entitled Moments of Love, Lust and Ecstasy.

About the book


After a traumatic experience at the hands of four men, Eliza Martinez leaves her family and home in the Philippines to find happiness in Australia. But tragedy again happens in her life. She must overcome all predicaments in order to pull through.

As a twist of fate makes her a victim of love, she realises the importance of having family and friends support during her journey. This is a story of romance, forbidden love, and courage. A story of human sufferings, vulnerability and how the choices we made change our lives.

Book launching


October 28 Saturday


1:30pm to 4:00pm


Avondale Heights Library and Learning Centre
69 – 79 Military Road Avondale Heights, VIC

Free Entry, Booking Essential as refreshments will be served


$25 per book
$5 per book sold will be donated to Beyond Blue


Tel. (03) 8325 1940

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