The Inner Game By Thad MangalinoThe word “Work” is not a dirty four-letter word; many stay away from it, and some pretend to do it and others are allergic to it. Work is a vehicle that provides a satisfying after effect. Its rewards are measureable and provides the person immersed in it some self-satisfaction and a sense of fulfilling their purpose.

The original meaning of work came from an Old English word “weorc” which means, “something done, an exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.” The Latin meaning is “anything that is accomplished with difficulty and struggle.” So when you look back to do work requires effort, action, execution and getting something done.

We Filipinos are renowned worldwide for having a high level of work ethic, however, there is also a high percentage of lazy, uninspired kababayans who want something for nothing. The typical Juan Tamad will always have reasons why they are where they are. If only they work harder on their craft rather than working on their excuses, they too will find satisfaction in their work/life status.

Everything in life requires work; if you want a happy family life, that requires work. A successful business/career? That requires work. A beach-ready body? That requires work. Financial success? That requires work. Even if success falls into your lap, it requires work to keep the success or it will dwindle away.

Do not be afraid of work. If your current vocation is not giving you the satisfaction, change what you are doing. Get into something that will give you the satisfaction and the right pay packet to let you live your ideal lifestyle.

One of the major success factors is to give 100% at your work when you are working and work when you are supposed to be working.

Find ways to contribute more and how to improve at what you are currently doing. Not only will you make your boss and your department look good, you will create opportunities in the marketplace and might get poached and send your career on an upward trajectory; if you are in business, your product or service will get a wider reach and your staff will be inspired by your example and the behaviour will have a trickle effect and establish a great work ethic culture. But that won’t happen if you don’t work.

Until next time…. Stay FOCUSED!

— First published in The Philippine Times, June 2017 Edition

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